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Friday, August 15, 2014

Math not Politics

There's a recurring arguement that I have had with various people over the course of my life that I would like to Win once and for all today.

Its one of these frustrating arguments where you know perfectly well that you are blindingly right but the truth is just too counter intutitive (or too counter the other guys predjudice) for the other guy to ever see the light.

(Oi!! What a sore spot these kinds or arguements are for smart people, such as myself, dooooomed as we are to live and interact in a walmart person world! They say we are all created equal but come on! You know that's not true!)

Part of the reason why this argument is so chronically annoying is, I think, because the other guy/gal earnestly believes we are talking politics or religon, but really we are talking mathmatics.

More later everyone... Right now I have to go to work!

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