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Sunday, February 12, 2012

As Soup, they probably had their Finest Hour

Tim didn't have anything to recommend him; he was as coldly vicious as a guillotine. But Jock had some slight awareness of right and wrong, or he wouldn't have tried to justify himself. You might say he was just weak.

But I don't hold with the idea that to understand all is to forgive all; you follow that and first thing you know you're sentimental over murderers and rapists and kidnappers and forgetting their victims. That's wrong.

I'll weep over the likes of Peewee, not over criminals whose victims they are.

I missed Jock's talk, but if there were a way to drown such creatures at birth, I'd take my turns as executioner. That goes double for Tim.

If they ended up as soup for hobgoblins, I couldn't honestly be sorry- even though it might be my turn tomorrow. As soup, they probably had their finest hour.

-Heinlein, from Have Space Suit, Will Travel

Heinlein might have turned into a deranged old perv as he aged, but he got this right on. This is exactly how I feel.

A black widow spider can't help it, but that's the point.

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