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Friday, May 6, 2011

Officially joined the local chess club and the FIDE tonight. It was time to either quit playing or take the game to the real world in stead of just the internet.

Played 3 rated games with the "unrated" players, and won them all. (Head ... expanding...!) Game 1 was against an 8 year old Asian kid. Game 2 was a solid game that I won fair and square in a bishop vs knight end game. Game 3 was also a good game, but the fella I was playing had a Doh! moment and fell behind a peice out of shear oops.

I dunno how much of my time life will allow for this real life, over the board diversion, but it was fun!
Kamsky beats Topalov!

The 2011 Canidate's tournament started yesterday. It's the top 8 chess players in the world Elite-Eighting it out for the right to challenge the reigning world champion Viswanathan Anand for his title. The tournament will last all month; May Madness in the chess world.

It's the top eight players in the world, I should say, after world champion Anand and Magnus Carlsen. I dunno why Carlsen is sitting it out this year. After Anand, he's either #2 or #3 worldwide.

Among the eight that are competeing we have Bulgarian Topalov, who almost took Anand down in 2010, Russian Kramnik, who Anand took the throne from in 2009 and Gata Kamsky- The American!- who had a shot in 2010 until Topalov handed him his face on a plate. Topalov and Kramnik are 1st and 2nd seeds respectively and Kamsky is #8, bottom of the pile.

But today, Kamsky defeated Toplov with black, becoming the first player to win a game in this tournament. The first rung in the tournament is only four matches long and today was Kamsky and Topalov's second match, the first being a draw yesterday. Kamsky needs only to draw both of the next two matches or win one to move into the Final Four and upset the second strongest chess player on the planet.

If Kamsky can go all the way, he will be only the second American world champion in history, the other being the famous Bobby Fischer.