Daily GUIDE-ance:

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Please Forward

There once was this little lame boy who met a grumpy old man on Christmas Eve.

"Why are you so grumpy? asked the little boy.

"I dunno. Whay are you so lame?" asked the old man. "Haw haw haw! LAME! Your lame! get it!?"

"That makes me sad" said the little boy.

Just then a lost puppy walked by.

"If only an angel could show that lost puppy the way home" prayed the boy.

"Snif." said the old man. "Once I had a puppy alot like that. She was a Christmas Gift from my dead wife."

"dont worry, puppy" said the boy "Ill take care of you"

"here is some money" said the old man "Im sorry I called you lame"

"im sorry i said your were grumpy"

the puppy looked up at the two as if to say "I am glad that my two best friends are now friends on Christmas day"

then the puppy turned all glowing and shimmery and a mysterious voice seemed to say: "The True meaning of Christmas isn't about the toys or being lame and all that. Its about the Love that's in your heart."

"No Duh" laughed the old man. "Look I see a poor family in a broken down car just trying to get home for the holidays over on that corner. Why dont we give them the puppy?"

But the beautiful puppy was Nowhere to Be Seen.