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Friday, November 25, 2011

The Opposite of Thanksgiving

I really hate to write this because I believe, with Zaphod, that the main point of life is to have as good a time as possible...

I had a minor epiphany: Black Friday really is the OPPOSITE of Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is about the following:
Being grateful for the Basics: Food, Shelter, Family, Warmth, Life.
It's a about reaching out from that simple gratitude, and inviting alot of people over to share a meal.
It implies that we are more than just Lucky, it hints at being Blessed. By celebrating the basics of survival, it reminds us that there is more to life than mere survival.
It's about enjoying what we have, and being grateful.

Black Friday is about freaking out over the things we don't have and being greedy.
Its about being materialistic. It's firmly grounded in the things ' that can't be taken with you.'

I hope people don't start treating Thanksgiving as just a Black Friday eve- that would be sad. If I were a religious person, I might suggest that some aspects of Black Friday are the devil's attempt to weaken Thanksgiving.

I sit out Black Friday, because I'd much rather relax at home enjoying my life, than battle crowds and lines all day. I really don't need much to be happy. Although one of these years, I keep promising myself, I am going to go to Walmart in a gorilla suit and throw poo at everyone, knock over a barrel of live snakes, loudly sight Elvis, etc. Because chaos is its own reward.


Brad Carter said...

Seems even worse this year since all the stores opened on Thanksgiving night instead of the next morning. I bet in another year or two, they'll all be opening at 5pm on Thanksgiving instead of midnight.

I don't think I've ever gone shopping on Black Friday. I've only gone into the stores to cause trouble, just as I plan to do later today. Wish you lived around here, John. You could create a diversion for me with the gorilla suit.

timpani76 said...

I've always avoided Black Friday and you have just given me another reason to keep doing so ;) because it's the Anti-Thanksgiving! Ha!

Were you being sarcastic when you said "if I were a religious person"?

Eyepoke said...

Im ALWAYS sarcastic.

Hmmm.... Brad Carter's diversion... sounds epic!

Colista said...

I used to go shopping every single black friday with Jeremy's Mom and my sister in laws. For us, it was more about spending time together with "just the girls" sprinkled with some good deals on Christmas presents. In the past three years we have decided not to do it. It just got to be TOO much! Everything opened earlier and earlier, people got ruder and ruder, we were more and more tired and cared less about spending time together. Now, we designate a girl shopping day sometime NOT on black Friday. It's so much more relaxing and special. We can actually shop together and not get lost in crowds and shoved around by stupid people. Black Friday really does suck. Although I did have my mom pick up Tristan a Kindle that was on sale while she was out.....lol!

Anonymous said...

yeah... I can understand how this could be just simple fun for some, and thats all good of course. But after leafing briefly through some FB... there are some people who seems to define themselves by what they buy... makes me ill from multiple perspectives...


Renae said...

Okay, so I'm catching up on reading your blog. One: If that fetching Amazing Grace song comes on again, I'm going to scream! Two: You funny! I can't even remember why now. Oh, the postal thing. Ditto what Timpani said. Three: I am totally jealous that people still comment on your blog. Once again: I think people just don't like me. Guess I'll go eat worms. lol!

Oh, and I like your Nazi bread of Gluttony or whatever it was. One of the kids in my primary class gave me a baggy of that stuff once, and I forgot about it until the next week when I found a bag of goo in my church bag. I didn't dare use it then.