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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Limitless (movie)

I thought this was an awesome story, translated to the screen very well. Liz, to be fair, disagrees. A renter, she would call it. Meh. She’s not a bigtime snob like me. (we both liked the soundtrack though. See Howlin' for you, currently stuck in my head, at right). Nicely written sci fi. Basic premise: a new drug gives you temporarily a super human level of intelligence. I enjoyed the thought and effort that the author put into trying to figure out how a person much much smarter than you would act and think. Made for some cool fights scenes. I do love a story about someone who wins with his smarts. Mr. Cooper in the lead role did very well indeed with it, playing the same character, but at varying levels of smart. That’s a solid challenge. Loved the big fight at the end. I also loved his last line to DeNiro.
A fun movie, but made you think. Stimulating. Out of the box.


Renae said...

Ha! I just watched that last night. (Not on your recommendation. I forgot about this post.) It was goodish. It never helps that I can't stay awake through ANY movie. I think I watched it all, but I had to go back and rewind a couple of times after it was over, to try and catch the things I slept through. A movie is never as good that way.

Anonymous said...

you are a big stinky sleep through movies kid! whatcha doing today?