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Monday, August 8, 2011

The Latest media I have ingested

I actually don’t watch a lot of movies…no patience. I have no problem with watching 10 minutes and giving up, if it is registering too high on the retardometer to stand. Same with books. Some say this is not a good way to do things, but I say it is. Why waste my time on boring things? This wise ‘quit while I am ahead policy’ assures me of… well I dunno what it assures me of exactly, but at least I don’t have to watch dumb stuff. Like some people I could mention.

It also means, that because I don't waste my time plowing through the mediocre dung of commonplace lame books and movies, I have more time to watch and read ONLY THE BEST. I do love being a snob.

This summer, I’ve seen 3 movies that I really really dug, and gotten quite psyched over at least one book. All rate high on the unique, interesting, provoking and entertaining scales. At least I thought so.

In chronological order of how I saw/read them:

Super 8 (movie)
The thing about being 'out of the box', like this movie was, is how do you sell it? Have you ever watched the original trailers for Princess Bride? Its an awesome classic of a movie but the trailers made it look very stupid. Because it was unlike anything else out there, so there was no frame of reference that a marketer could relate it too. "Did you like _____? Then you’ll love PB!!" There was nothing to fill in the blank with. Super 8 is also out of the box like that. Which is awesome, because EVERY movie out there right now is either a sequel, or a remake, or a queer 80’s TV show.

OK enough ranting.

Super 8 (movie)
Genre? I guess you’d call it a Scifi/monster movie. It’s set in the early 80’s, which was a lot of fun. The main characters are all kids and they found a great, hilarious gang of child actors. Good story. Lots of good scary; not blood and icky scary; genuine suspense and surprise. Loved it. Saw it in the theater with Liz. We had a fight over where we were going to sit and who had to be forced to sit next to a stranger. I lost the first fight and won the second, but with bad grace. Liz like this movie just as much as me.

True Grit (movie)

Liz actually forced me to see this, which is quite weird… Liz twisting my arm to see a John Wayne remake? It’s like me bullying Liz into seeing Pride and Prejudice. But it turned out to be great. This movie also had a very fun to watch child actor (too bad she will probably grow up to be an addict) and old what's his name, the bad guy from Ironman, played the John Wayne role. Probably a lot better than John Wayne ever did. (Kind of like remaking a Johnny Cash song. You KNOW you can’t do it worse.) But seriously, old whats his name: he was a lot of fun to watch. Matt Damon was too, partly cause his character was such a dweebe. Its always fun when people lose their egos.

This post is Just about too long as it is. I'll tell you about the other movies and books on Wednesday.


Brad Carter said...

You mean Super 8 wasn't a remake of E.T? Now I'm confused!

Eyepoke said...

NO, STUPID! ET was an idiot.I dunno why people liked that movie.

timpani76 said...

I liked True Grit too. I almost always like Jeff Bridges though. He plays tortured conscience ridden formerly jerky guys pretty well. I'm also thinking of him in Fearless and The Fisher King. I thought the leader of the gang was a pretty cool character too.

I may have to watch Super 8 now, just so I will know what the heck you are trying to say.

Eyepoke said...

There are some weird paralelells to Et now that Brad makes me think about it...

I guess I am not trying to say anything... just gush mindlessly.