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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Modeling Mars

So, for a while I have secretly wanted to have a globe of an alien planet. But you just can't find them. You can't even find a decent globe of this planet for cheap. Well, a while back, Jonni was making a volcano from a volcano kit (vinegar, baking soda, red food coloring. Plaster, paint etc.) And it occured to me that I ought to make my own globe of Mars. Me and the kids papermachied a ball, and I then coated it with sheet rock mud. It took days to dry, and then days more to wipe down to a smooth round finish. A couple days ago I spray painted it red and started painting in features, starting with the carbondioxide ice caps, just an hour or so ago. Here's the kids mugging with the Mars W.I.P. Here's a few of Erik with a ball of semi wet mud that we intend to be the moon (TO SCALE WITH MARS!!!!!) evantually:

And here is the globe itself, as is right now and the shot of the real thing that I am copying:


timpani76 said...

I found some fairly inexpensive Earth globes at the Goodwill. I should have gotten you one! Oh well. Good job on the globe of Mars!

In other news, Erik started reading the Princess of Mars series (that's the first book in the series, I think the whole series is called John Carter of Mars?). I ordered Princess of Mars and will follow Erik on reading the books.

Jess Newell said...

so the bunker kids and little hayley tran were looking over my shoulder when i was reading this post. they asked who those creepy kids were. lol

also, i love how you took the picture of your mars next to your harry potter books. :)

Eyepoke said...

Oh, Point of interest: We worked out that if I make a Jupiter to scale with the Mars globe, it'll pretty much reach the ceiling and take up most of the dining room.

Anonymous said...

Jess: laffing. Jonni and me are now half way through HP4, btw. THought you'd be interested to know. Miss ya.

Timpani: Who wrote the John Carter stuff? Sounds 40's-50's ish?


timpani76 said...

Edgar Rice Burroughs (same guy who wrote the Outlaw of Torn, did you ever finish that book?). He also wrote the Tarzan series and another famous series that I can't remember.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I finished it. Huh.I got the idea that he was less contemporrarry that that.

New sci-fi author discovered over the weekend: Nick Sagan. (son of- and better looking than- Carl). He writes purty gud. He does NOT write like his father I blew through his book Everfree in about 24 hrs. Recommended.


timpani76 said...

The John Carter books were written in 1912 according to Wiki, not sure about the other books. (ERB died in 1950, so no later than that).