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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Welp, it appears that Facebook has disabled my account again. Only this time I don't even care enough to bother to bother any admin people to get it reacitivated... I was starting to not see much point of in it anyway. So COOL! Maybe now, when I feel like airing my thoughts online I will do it by composing a complete thought instead of trying to squish half a thought into the room it would take to put a quarter of a thought in that dumb little postage stamp text block they alot you. Heck. I might even string multiple thoughts together!

Plus the commericals on FB were getting more and more annoying. I mean, I like attractive women probably slightly more than the next guy, but I have to laugh. Because: "Lady- I can tell by the look on your face that you think you are a dangerous predator. But I have bad news for you: you are in your underwear. Not about rip out the jugular of the slowest gazelle out in the herd. You are way too wimpy to kill a gazelle. Even the chubby, wounded baby gazelle-ling could mug you. There are spagetti noodles with more muscle than you. Maybe you could catch a duck, if it was on land, and couldn't fly. You could possibly startle it into immobilty by flashing your bra and shorts at it, and then pounce, I guess, but even then, it'd be so much easier to just toss a few bread crumbs. In most parks I've been to, you'd have the whole flock surrounding you in seconds, and you would look a whole lot smarter that way."

Why aren't there more models like this?


Renae said...


Brad Carter said...

That's so weird about Facebook. I'll miss you dearly there, sir.

timpani76 said...

That bit about the lady who thinks she is a dangerous predator made me laugh hysterically! I had to stop reading so my eyeballs would not pop out of my head with laughter.

It's too bad they canceled your account again. You could make a new account pretending to be a half naked woman? Or a chubby gazelle? Or a duck?

Eyepoke said...

Pleased to make you laugh Timpani! Happy Bday to QQ!

Brad, I will probably get back on there evantually. I'll be checking back in periodically. They may just randomly activate my account again.