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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The other night I dreamed that Bobby Fischer was an ape of some kind. And I thought: this is going to be an interesting one for the major religions of the world to interpret. I mean if an ape can be the greatest chess player in the world, then I think you have to admit that apes have souls, and could go to heaven. Or hell for that matter. Which means they must also be children of God. Which makes us their siblings spiritually. Which just screws everything up, because where do you then draw the line? At chimps? Organutangs? Baboons? Monkeys? Lemurs? Possums? Rats? Do you really want to wind up in Rat Heaven when you are dead? Or Rat Hell? That's got a ring to it: Rathell! "I hope you burn in Rathell!"

I think kangaroos are awesome. The pouch thing. They can have a baby, and then put it back for a while. They can actually be partially pregant. That's a clever design. I think marsupials will take over the world and evolve intellegnce after humanity is extinct. They would be able to have way bigger brains than people, because the baby's could be born before the brain is totally done and full size. Humans are really a marginal design.


timpani76 said...

What would a fully evolved kangaroo look like? They already effectively walk "upright" on two legs, so no problems there. I guess there short arms would have to be longer and have some opposeable digits of some kind. There ears would shoot back into their heads more, in my vision.

Ok, now you get to mock me endlessly since I ended up traffic court for the first time because I was unknowingly driving around with an expired driver's license. I just showed up, showed them my renewed driver's license, and was given a full pardon. Still, I must eat some humble pie, take my stripes, etc etc.

I also got to sick next to a loud mouth kid who kept getting shushed by some girl he knew who was sitting next to him. He was distractingly amusing, and I thought of a much younger John Sever as I listened to his overly loud jokes.

Eyepoke said...

I am SO GLAD you had to go to traffic court!!!!! bahahahahahahahah!

Good point about kangroos having arms already. Don't alot of marsupials have fingers, and opposable thumbs also? And they are probably all on endangered lists, so humans are already actively trying to propgate thiers speices by diminishing ours.We are so doomed.