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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Updates-boring ones

Hi all.

This will probably be a boring read. I'd stop right here, if I were you, and go do something productive.

Idiot. I warned you. Some people, apparently, have to learn the hard way. Oh well.

What have I been up to? Other than designing spaceships? Speaking of such, I will someday, get around to explaining the screen shots below. But not right now. I need to get a CAD system of some sort at home, instead of modeling up stupid stuff suring the rare dead time at work. Google Sketch up is free, I might try that... I just hate the thought of junking up my PC with large software.

CAD, though, really is one of the best things about my job. I'm a CAD jockey. Designing/sketching in 3D is alot of fun. You know how you have half an idea in your head, and you scratch it down roughly on a napkin and think: "Yeah- I bet that might work mebbe...I wish I could just ..."and then you don't know what it is you wish you could do with it? CAD is what you want to do, but don't know the word for. (Unless you also are a CAD person, I mean.) It lets you scratch the what-if itch.

Hah! Around Christmas time Jonni got to visit me at work, and she asked if she could play around on my Pro-E (Cad system). She remembers the primitive bootleg student version I had for a while at home when she was a little kid. So I let her. Where the heck did I put the screen shots of her work? You'd get a wriggle out of em. Oh well they are around here somewhere....

Er... what else? Not much I guess. Life is gud.


Brad Carter said...

I like pie!

Renae said...

My name's Jeffy. I like apples.