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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Life is SOO good!

On a totally unrelated note, you should listen to "In Time" (stuck in my head at right).

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Heh heh. no Liz, No work for 5 days. This is gonna rule (as long as Liz doesn't get injured). Just me and the two smartest kids on the electron.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Things I Don't Get: Part2: Christianity

Ok, obviously, I actually do get it.

On an academic, intellectual level at least. For instance, the idea that every human being is of approximately infinite value while at the same time being also so deeply screwed up as to be almost (but not quite) unsalvageable… What’s not to get there? So the core world view of Christianity makes perfect sense. That I get. What I really don’t get is Christianity's core... er-coping mechanism, for lack of a better. The “love your enemies thing”. I mean...Why?! Let alone how?!!

Take the simplest examples. Child molesters. Or terrorists, if you prefer. Baby eaters. The president. Pick one. Now, I can see the use of letting go of some of the raw rage. The high octane bloodlust type fury is just too much effort to carry around. Use what you can, chuck the rest out. But don’t try to bottle it up for later. It doesn't keep well, and if you happen to need some, it grows wild in all seasons. They's plenty mo.

But love 'em?

Dude! What Is The Point?!!!!

I have enough on my plate just keeping my rude/hilarious comments about innocently homely/fat/oddly dressed/elderly/racially unusual/handicapped or otherwise funny-to-look-at pedestrians inside my car. I have enough trouble just not hating regular people for being stupider than me. Love a child molester? Way too much work and irritation- and for what? Some boring, lovey, good feeling inside? I can get that a lot easier off liking regular people.

I guess don’t knock it till you’ve tried it? There’s some that swear by this stuff, so I suppose I must concede that there might be something to it. But I betcha deep down those people are at least partly in denial.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Who said this?:

"Often what passes for faith in this world is little more than gullibility."

1) Stephen Hawking
2) Joseph Wirthlin
3) Richard Dawkins
4) Ravi Zacharias
5) Barak Obama
6) MeatLoaf

Swell Prize to the Winner!! Genuine Autographed Punch in the Face!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I am not going to play any chess for a month.

As a a way of coping with my withdrawl symptoms, I made up a list of elementary chess vocab words. (see above)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Finished "The Fellowship of the Ring" this morning at about 3 am. The book, not the movie. It was good. I've read it before of course. Just... occasionally it's cool to rediscover a book.

Unrelated note: Check out Buzz Aldrin!

Friday, June 4, 2010



A few nothing babblings follow:

The nature preserve I live 3 miles away from Rules. Miles and miles of wilderness. Well. Cultivated wilderness anyway.

I think this summer running there will be a weekend tradition. I went out for about an hour on Memorial Day, in the hottest part of the day and just got Lost. Next time I take H20 with me.

Swimming season here in Pacific has officially started too. First swim tommorrow after my epic getting lost part 2 run. Rays. Nice.

Its the simple things. Food. Rays. RocknRoll. Beautiful women. (wait- Woman, singular!! don't worry- I can say stuff like that. we dont keep any loaded weapons in the house) Sleep. Books. Punching people.

Some good old buddies from Peoria were here last weekend. Amos and Riley and I did some wrastling. I've got Amos shaped bruises to prove it. I'm stinking rusty. The darn kids didn't win too much. But mostly cause I am bigger and stronger. My skill set is just not there. I need somebody to beat up on regularly.

I'm very jealous of Jonni. How I wish I got a 3 month summer vacation from work every year!!!!!! Liz's brother Patrick suggested that I should become a teacher, so that I could do just that. This idea has merit. I could teach. I'd be poorer, probably. I could steal on the side.

Pull Me Under. Anybody remeber that tune from the early pre and Anti grunge 90's? Dream Theater was the band. I'll toss it up on the right on "Stuck in my head."

Welp. Sleep. Beautiful woman. All just down the hall. gotta go.