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Sunday, October 17, 2010

This Week's Acquisitions

After Jonni and I had finished reading the Great Brain books, and I was utterly sick of reading them out loud, Jonni took to reading them on her own.

These books are not all that easy to find. I believe they are possibly out of print. It took me a couple years, literally, of rooting though used book stores, trash cans, Jawa transport vehicles, Goodwills, etc before I could amass all 8 in paperback. Even then, in the end I was forced to buy the 8th (and rarest) book of the series online. (I am rich and could afford to buy them the normal way, but that takes all the fun out of it for me.)

Well, it took Jonni a couple of weeks, literally, to trash the bindings on most of my cautiously horded Great Brains. Bah!

So, it was a thrill, when she and me were at the local library this week and found ALL EIGHT OF THEM, in hardback, good condition for 50 cents each! We wasted no time accelerating from sight to ownership. Mine! all Mine! bwahahahaha! Suckers!

Also this week, I bought Carl Sagan's Cosmos, orginally $35 US back in 1980. Seventy-five cents, lightly used. heheheh.

Snagged a couple more Asimov books from the Foundation series too, for a quarter or so. Think I have all of them now.


Renae said...

That's awesome!

timpani76 said...

I need to go back to the Goodwill! We have been yard sale shopping all summer, so we have not been going. But, I have to say, books are few and far between at yard sales. I get much better deals on clothes at yard sales (than at the GW) but the books at yard sales are usually trashy romances or best sellers.

Dana Cheryl said...

There are a few series that I search for high & low. Whenever I find another book it rocks my week. You're right... The hunt is nearly as much fun as reading the books.

Jonni will always remember the feeling of finding those books with her dad.

Bruce said...

i am only missing like 2 or 3 louis lamour books. i saw one a few years ago and did not get it because i was broke and they wanted $35 for it. i think that the hunt is most of the fun of collecting.