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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I watched Clash of the Titans the other day

and boy did it suck! If a script that weak can get funding, I definitely should become a screen writer.

Allow me to now air a thought: Did anyone else who saw this thing think that somebody on the committee for this flick have an axe to grind? Specifically kind of a "anti-theist" axe? The whole point of the movie was about how evil the Gods are and how everyone naturally hates them. This wouldn't bother me at all, except that the whole movie seemed to assume that this was an obvious point that didn't need any explaining. There was almost no explanation of what exactly it was that the gods were up to that had everyone so ticked off. Believe me, I'm all down with a plot that involves a few evil gods. I'm a polytheistic cult member with gamer tendencies. But the story ought to define what makes the gods evil, other than just the fact that they exist. I dunno if I would have picked up on this vibe so much if I hadn't spent so much time on my religious debate forum knocking around with angry athiests and getting to know their beefs against God so well.

After a few days to think about it, I have decided that I am not crazy to think this. Any thoughts?


timpani76 said...

"angry athiests and getting to know their beefs against God so well"

Atheists have beefs with something they don't believe exists.

I wonder if the writers of the Clash of the Titans figured everyone on the planet is familiar with Greek mythology to the extent that we would know the Greek gods were a bunch of children throwing one big tantrum pretty much all the time.

Anonymous said...

If thier assumption was that people knew greek mythology... errrr... why then did they take such insane liberties with it? Nothing in the movie was close to the actual myths.


Bruce said...

did you just seriously ask why HOLLYWOOD would "take such insane liberties". think about who your talking about for a moment. its realy just a "bunch of children trowing one big tantrum." right?