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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Predators on Facebook

It was unkind of me. But I couldn't help myself. I smelled an easy mark. I opened this debate with somewhat evil intentions. The Devil made me do it:

The person who "liked" Elmer's comment was me. What's not to like about it?!

He was giving up, which I couldn't have , so I egged him on.
Crickets for now. Jimeny Cricket was one of them, telling me that this was just wrong of me. He's a bit conflicted about us posting this too... Sigh. (Yaller dog and pison. Me Tom and Huck.)


timpani76 said...

I think it's funny how he kept spelling "raped" as "rapped". Rapping women is bad, but not nearly as bad as the properly spelled word.

I thought it was a good debate, except where you basically called him stupid a few times. Of course, he brought Hitler into the the debate, so maybe he deserved to get "rapped" a few times on the head.

Anonymous said...

Serious? I only reposted the conversation because I thought he was hilarious. I didn't ever need to call him stupid at all, on account of he made his points and defenses so badly that they made his postion look totally retarded without me sayding anything.


timpani76 said...

I meant it was mostly a "clean" debate with very few scare tactics, straw men, annoying falsities, etc. Except for the Hitler argument, which always annoys me.

I believe you called him stupid near the beginning when you said:

"Mercy. I'd answer that question but it has been answered so many times over and over...and half a seconds worth of logic ought to suffice."

Eyepoke said...

Welp, that's true, I was calling him stupid there I guess. But the only reason I did that is because it is a rather poorly thought out sentiment that he was expressing.

I could understand and respect the processing power of someone who simply didn't like the death penalty... but to equate abortion with the death penalty is just lazy thinking. It's not really even thinking, its more like propping up whatever personal dogma you are most at home with with whatever scraps of bumpersticker slogans that are easiest to hand.

It has no chance of standing up to actaul logical investigation. I did want to get the guy to think a bit if I could, but mostly to me this conversation felt more like the verbal equivalent of me kicking sand in the face of the 100 lb weakling at the beach, like in those old Charles Atlas ads.


timpani76 said...

I think you may be underestimating this guys just because he does not express himself well in writing. Elise, for instance, would kick your chicken in a verbal fencing match, but in writing she comes off far less intelligent than she actually is.

Anonymous said...

Actually Tdog, I'd like to think that who ever happens to side with the correct side of any issue would tend to win. It's not so much skill as just gettintg out of the way of the truth.

geeesh. I'd kick your big sister around the block like an old popcan.


Anonymous said...


on what evidence do you base your guess that this guy is smarter than he appears? Setting aside the spelling and punctuation errors- the thoughts he expesses are all just dumb.

As to verbal vs texted debate, texted debate rules. Verbal debate is the speed chess of debate: lends itself to flashy yet unsound 'play'- pyschologic rather real logic.

gtg! work!


timpani76 said...

I didn't say this guy was smarter than he appears, I just said he MIGHT be, and that you are assessing his intelligence based only on his debate skills in written form.

Just because you believe something is true, does not mean it is right John. You believing that it is right probably does help you when you are debating though. Maybe the strength of your convictions makes you better at debate in general.

Oh sure, denigrate verbal debate in the hopes that no one will notice how much you SUCK at it. That sounds like a psychological tactic right there my friend.

Anonymous said...

"Just because you believe something is true, does not mean it is right John. "

Right. Not sure where you are going with that though... Just because something is someone's opinion doesn't mean it can't also be a fact though right?

Truth exists right?

The main point for engaging in debate, as I see it, is to discover truth, not to "win". If this means finding yourself in the wrong, or at least with some new points of view or ideas to consider, so much the better. If winning means coming out of a discussion unchanged, I'd say winning is the same as learning nothing. In this specific case however, I fear i somewhat deviated from that purpose just for the sake of ... being a subtle jerk? ah whatever.

timpani76 said...

I still haven't figured out if you are confessing or bragging with this post. Do you want me to call you a jerk? I'll try. It may not be the truth, but I could make a pretty good argument ;)

Anonymous said...

Er, me neither. Lets call it bragging and be done with it.