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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Facebook Account Got Deleted!

Or "disabled" is how they put it. No explanation why. Just gone, with a message mentioning the fact when I attempted to log in.

Pretty weird, and pretty annoying too. It was free of course, and what do you really expect from a crackerjack box, but still... I kind of liked Facebook!

Anyhow, I did the basic steps a couple days ago: asked for an explanation, tried to find the right thread in the maze of 'help' to pull on to get my account back, but I haven't gotten a response yet, and it's been three days. I've heard that an account will 'go to sleep' after a period of inactivity, but that wasn't me. I was actually in a flurry of activity, debating prop 8, energy policy and BHO's mental health all at once.

So naturally, I want to suspect that some conspiracy from the left is trying to silence me! In all likelihood it's just a hork in the system... but I really can't wait to know what happened. I hate it when they don't explain!

However: if it turns out that I got flagged for hate speech or treason or as being dangerously intelligent-or for calling Angelina Jolie a toothless bearded hooker-that would be just like me! I seem to have an innate knack for making the perfectly innocent (ok, relatively innocent) look terribly suspicious.

It kind of reminds me of the time in Nauvoo, when some insane Mormon woman came up and preached at me, Todd and Trent because we were playing Magic, which was a sin. I asked her to explain. She stormed away farting and barking that I needed to listen to the spirit. Sigh. I hate Mormons sometimes.

I did well, I didn't get mad or even sarcastic. Really, I didn't! I just asked her to explain.

I hate it when they can't explain.

But I am used to it.

(This was in between Order of the Phoenix and The Half Blood Prince. There were alot of people there that year who were all down on us for openly reading Harry Potter too, which genuinely surprised me.)

So- it's probably nothing- rationally speaking it's most likely just a glitch in the system. (This is why I hate systems in general.) Yeah. Just a glitch. Right? - but maaan- it feels alot like repression!



Brad Carter said...

I've never heard of anyone's FB account getting deleted for no reason like this. I hope make a new account if they don't give it back. I know I couldn't live without Facebook.

And Magic is a sin, you idiot! I can't believe I associate with a person that plays that.

timpani76 said...

I would like to change "I hate mormons sometimes" to "I hate people sometimes" and you pretty much have how I feel lots of the time. I think Mary might have the right idea and we should all form our own commune in Wyoming or something. I could be just feeling bitter because the drama llamas have come to my family today. If I get one more phone call today I'm going to scream and starting throwing things.

timpani76 said...

Oh, and sorry Facebook hates you.

pie-seas79 said...

I hate mormons most of the time. and facebook too. yet I still associate with both.

Renae said...

What idiot did that Magic screaming thing at you? What a dork. I don't like Magic, but I don't think it's EVIL, and I certainly wouldn't go and tell off a couple of mere associates for playing it! And REALLY about the HP thing?! Seriously people get a grip! Why don't YOU listen to the spirit you raging maniac?

That is suchish about the FB thing. It makes we want to go all political and stuff just to see if they delete me. Hmm, I probably won't though.

Eyepoke said...

Yeah. I dunno madwoman's identity Renae, but if I did I'd definately spread it around! I guess you missed that particular CoJ year (I think maybe I did too) but there were a bunch of people in the CoJ community making noise about Magic and HP that year. I always took guff for not wearing shoes and playing with numchucks too. People.

Yeah, Timpani, I am with you. I am ready to drop off the grid anytime. Well, as soon as we get the staying alive part right. Sorry about the llamas.

I'm tempted to make a new accounT Brad, and mebbe I will, but that's a bunch of work and then I have to track down people again and zzzzzzzzz...

I kind of have always somewhat hated Facebook on the grounds that it lends its self to 10 words or less sort of writing. Good for shouting mindless things, but not good for actually saying anything of substance. On the other hand, I love shouting mindlessly.

Eyepoke said...


Hey- can anyone else see the above page?

It's supposed to be the FB "How to reactivate your account" help page, but all I can see is an error message. If anyone else can see actual content here, could you forward me a screen shot or something?

Renae said...

it just says "there is a problem reaching your page request"