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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Took the bike out this morning.

There’s this bridge that reminds me a lot of the one over the river Styx, only narrower and in poorer repair, just outside of town. On it’s flip side is a lot of winding country roads, many Massive hills (I’d forgotten those were there until I was shifting), a donkey, a couple mildy breath taking vistas- breath borrowing maybe- Breath siphoning vistas- and the Unknown. Only that was this morning. Now I know where that road goes, so there’s less of the Unknown, and instead, I found a surprising but cool loop back home, which is good. And the loop back home was a lot more down hill. Passed a couple more biking guys on the down hill home. (Road bikes, helmets, spandex uniforms, sunglasses. Nothing wrong with that.) We saluted each other as we passed.

Back in town an hour after I left. Passed a swim meet and yard sales. Couple poor saps Working! Ha Ha Ha! Idiots!

I had many thoughts while I was out riding. I had a blast, by myself. Start of a perfect day…well we’ll see about the rest of the day, but so far, so good.

Took my MP3 player, which I usually don’t these days, but I have been having a sort of Guns and Roses revival lately and felt like it. And I suspect this guided my thoughts into sort of a retrospective mode.

My thoughts were as follows:

Do you remember when rock music was aggressive and the people we now call emo were just so many free lunches?

Do you remember when calling someone a fag was a good put down and not a hate crime? Political correctness is for fags.

When LOTR was a meaningless acronym and when RPG players were the persecuted underground?

Hmmm. Maybe those were all the thoughts I had. It seemed like more at the time. Oh well! Time for some FOOD!

OOOH- one more thought before I eat. The month of no chess paid off very well so far. I no longer feel like an addict. And when I do play I am much calmer (resulting in deadlier play!!!) and more able to reconize and learn from my errors. A glorious dawn awaits. Not a sunrise, but a galaxyrise.

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Renae said...

You funny! Way to make it a whole month with no chess! I survived my chess fast also. Though I jest about my chess fast, I do sincerely congratulate you. My family needs a good TV / computer fast. That would be great, but I think everyone would rebel.

I went out for a nice long walk this morning. (I'm having a tooth problem and I wasn't sure if running was a good idea.) Walking is better for thinking then running, at least for me. When I run I think mainly "When can I be done?"