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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Things I Don't Get: Part2: Christianity

Ok, obviously, I actually do get it.

On an academic, intellectual level at least. For instance, the idea that every human being is of approximately infinite value while at the same time being also so deeply screwed up as to be almost (but not quite) unsalvageable… What’s not to get there? So the core world view of Christianity makes perfect sense. That I get. What I really don’t get is Christianity's core... er-coping mechanism, for lack of a better. The “love your enemies thing”. I mean...Why?! Let alone how?!!

Take the simplest examples. Child molesters. Or terrorists, if you prefer. Baby eaters. The president. Pick one. Now, I can see the use of letting go of some of the raw rage. The high octane bloodlust type fury is just too much effort to carry around. Use what you can, chuck the rest out. But don’t try to bottle it up for later. It doesn't keep well, and if you happen to need some, it grows wild in all seasons. They's plenty mo.

But love 'em?

Dude! What Is The Point?!!!!

I have enough on my plate just keeping my rude/hilarious comments about innocently homely/fat/oddly dressed/elderly/racially unusual/handicapped or otherwise funny-to-look-at pedestrians inside my car. I have enough trouble just not hating regular people for being stupider than me. Love a child molester? Way too much work and irritation- and for what? Some boring, lovey, good feeling inside? I can get that a lot easier off liking regular people.

I guess don’t knock it till you’ve tried it? There’s some that swear by this stuff, so I suppose I must concede that there might be something to it. But I betcha deep down those people are at least partly in denial.


Brad Carter said...

You should get a list of the 5 sex offenders closest to you from the state registry website and go be BFFs with them, just to make sure you're not missing out on anything.

timpani76 said...

Your cousin Lauren (David's daughter) wrote this on her facebook wall:
"I have got to get out of this town. I went to Hit N' Run and while i was in line there were two guys walking down the street, a car pulls up yelling at them, a woman and a man get out, and start beating up one of the guys walking. They accuse him of raping little girls. I really wanted to cry knowing this is where I live...."

It actually made me feel sorry for a child molester, since I did not know what his exact crime was, nor if he repented and has not done it for 50 years or something. I don't think we have to "love" them, I just think that we aren't allowed to be their judge/jury/executioner. That sounds really bleeding heart, and I may change my opinion next week....

Dana Cheryl said...

Read The Hiding Place if you really want to know the whys and hows of forgiving the unforgivable.

As for me personally... After years of hating a man who had badly hurt me I forgave. I hated that man so much I literally could not say his name. Then I went through a period last year when I was earnestly seeking the presence of God. I sought Him out day and night for three days. During that time He gave me glimpses into His way of looking at us. Somehow shortly after that time I just forgave the man who hurt me. I can't explain it. It's unlike anything else. The best way to put it is that I felt God's love for that man because He gave me that gift for just a brief moment. At that moment I saw infinite possibility for all people. I came to better understand the mystifying concept of redemption. Though his sins be as scarlet... Redeemed. That simple word belies a power far beyond what words can describe.

I think the most beautiful part of the experience was seeing all the possiblities of what can be for that man. I want those good and beautiful things for him. I want him to experience good just has deeply as I once felt hate for him.

Renae said...

What are you doing with innocently homely, fat, oddly dressed, elderly, racially unusual, handicapped and otherwise funny-to-look-at pedestrians inside your car? Should we hate you?

There is that bit about Jesus commanding us to love our enemies. I guess there must be something to it. I doubt he said that just so he could have a laugh at our failed attempts. Not that that makes it an easy thing to do.

Eyepoke said...

You bunch of pansy Mormons!


I'd like to jabber alot more about this, but I have to get up and go right about now.

Just kidding, BTW, I'm not ActuallY disgusted by anybody's extreme compassion. But I do have a mouthful to say sparked by this all.

More later.

timpani76 said...

I agree with Dana to read The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom. I just finished that, awesome book!

Eyepoke said...

I started The Hiding Place about a dozen times and somehow can never get past page 2.

Eyepoke said...

Question: Is Brad the only one who could tell that the whole thing was meant to be mostly funny, and not an actual attack on goodness, peace and all that? You guys do get that right?

Hmmm. What else? If I was saying something serious, I was pointing out the extreme counter intuitiveness of Christianity. It runs against the grain, against the natural, animal response, which is the point.

On childmolesters in specific, I prefer murderers. I used to work with a guy who had spent time in prison for murder. He was ok. I never asked him about it. (We did have an argument once about the definition of a parralellogram though.)

The reason I prefer murderers is because there are some- shoot, (pun!) many- situations in which it is perfectly cool and even wise to kill another human being. I could see doing it, under the right circumstances.

There are No situations At All in which it makes sense to rape anyone, let alone a child, and I just can't imagine what you would have to twist and mangle inside your soul and mind to do it. De-mented. Marginally human.

More later!

Dana Cheryl said...

Of course, I could tell it was meant to be funny. What?! Don't ya think I have a sense of humor? I'm really freaking funny. Really. No seriously. I am. Funny. I mean it.

I just saw an opportunity to expound upon my great wealth of sappiness.

I prefer murders too. Did ya see that Utah executed a murdered today by Firing Squad? How blissfully Old Testament-ish! Blood atonement and all...

Even cons don't like child molesters. The only peeps treated worse are mothers who've killed their children. I read that they have to be isolated from the general prison population.

There are some more acceptable criminals I think. I'd probably married an ex-con so long as he wasn't in for tax evasion. I mean getting caught just proves he's stupid and I don't want stupid genes passed on to my kids. Insider trading criminals are probably my best choice for a future spouse. That fact that they got caught means that they made a killing on the trade. The way I see it if he's done his time then that $ is as good as legal. I wouldn't have problem tithing it. ;)

Bruce said...

forgiving some one for their insult to you and expecting them to have consequinces for what they have done are not the same thing. the law suit my parants have going on for example(10 + years and still going), if the man they were dealing with came and made a hartfelt apology i think my dad could get over it. he would still want his money back though(many Ks). in many cases we have put the value to the crime because of our human perspective. that does not mean that Heavenly Father has put the same value to that crime.
and john, killing some one and murdering some one are not nessasaraly the same thing.(i wish i could spell) i think if the situation were right not only could/would i kill, i dont think it would hurt my concience to bad. murder on the other hand is a completly selfish act, and a usless wast of a life. that would bother me. i just hope the "love your enemies" thing is never tested to strong on me. i would have problems.
as for it being agenst the animal instincts. male lions kill their sons, and just so they dont get any chalangs to their harim. there are some examples of child abuse, murder and rape. so i guess you will have to hate lions now.

Eyepoke said...

You are right about murder and killing not being the same... but the point is a murderer may feel justified at the time by some chain of logic, which an objective observer can recognize as flawed, but the killer, in the heat of the moment, cannot.

For a child molester, there is no such chain of logic, or at least radically far less of an opportunity for one.

Dana Cheryl said...

My favorite psychology professor counsels pedophiles and victims almost exclusively in his practice. He's part of a long term research project tracking and counseling pedophiles.

He says that pedophiles are an unusual class of criminals. In his personal experience every pedophile he's worked with was a victim of the crime. (Although that's not to say that all pedophiles are victims of the crime.) Relaspe rates for pedophiles are the highest among any criminal group. He believes that the sexual component of the person is "re-wired" when they are subjected to long term abuse. They become unable to separate sexuality and childhood.

There's a definite mental illness type of component to pedophilia. They're working on treatment but there's not been any real success.

CT Scan/MRI imaging shows actual physical differences in the brains of pedophiles and non-pedophiles.

There's also a similar change in men who've become addicted to pornography. CT Scans prior to the addiction and post addiction show a region of the brain that's actually changed shape. They believe that change accounts for situations where a man with no previous compulsion suddenly molests a grandchild or neighbor. Of course, there's lots of years of study left to be done. People rarely have CT Scans of the brain. It's only a rare occasion when they get the opportunity to actually examine prior CT scans versus post-addition scans.

I really believe that when the scriptures say "the sins of the fathers will be carried down upon the fourth and fifth generation" it's in regards to something like this.

The sin infects the child who in turn continues the practice. So on and so forth. People misinterpret that scripture thinking that God is actively punishing the child for the father's crime whereas in actually the child is simply suffering the consequences of the father's actions.

Eyepoke said...

Like I said... mangled.

Vampires make vampires.

It'd be very interesting to CT scan gay people and see where they line up.

Dana Cheryl said...

Cool that ya asked... In the same series of lectures we also learned that there are distinct differences between the hetrosexual & homosexual male brain. Since the mid-90s researchers have made the assertion that the differences prove that individuals are either homosexual or heterosexual at birth.

However, the most recent data in regards to pedophilia/porn addiction study are showing that change within the brain can take place well after birth in response to either abuse or pornography. Some subjects showing that a physiological change taking place well into their 50s & 60s.

It's not a huge leap to suppose that homosexual attraction if it does indeed result from distinct changes within the brain is also a result of stimuli.

One of the research subjects whom I've personally interviewed stated that he was attracted to women until becoming addicted to pornography. In the beginning he was stimulated by the average run of the mill playboy type stuff. Then it progressed to darker bdsm porn which led the way to homosexual pornography. He's not acted on his homosexual impulses, however, viewing that particular genre of pornography is the only way he can become aroused.

I know that he's just one research subject still his experiences seem to indicate that sexual preference can change after puberty.