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Friday, June 4, 2010



A few nothing babblings follow:

The nature preserve I live 3 miles away from Rules. Miles and miles of wilderness. Well. Cultivated wilderness anyway.

I think this summer running there will be a weekend tradition. I went out for about an hour on Memorial Day, in the hottest part of the day and just got Lost. Next time I take H20 with me.

Swimming season here in Pacific has officially started too. First swim tommorrow after my epic getting lost part 2 run. Rays. Nice.

Its the simple things. Food. Rays. RocknRoll. Beautiful women. (wait- Woman, singular!! don't worry- I can say stuff like that. we dont keep any loaded weapons in the house) Sleep. Books. Punching people.

Some good old buddies from Peoria were here last weekend. Amos and Riley and I did some wrastling. I've got Amos shaped bruises to prove it. I'm stinking rusty. The darn kids didn't win too much. But mostly cause I am bigger and stronger. My skill set is just not there. I need somebody to beat up on regularly.

I'm very jealous of Jonni. How I wish I got a 3 month summer vacation from work every year!!!!!! Liz's brother Patrick suggested that I should become a teacher, so that I could do just that. This idea has merit. I could teach. I'd be poorer, probably. I could steal on the side.

Pull Me Under. Anybody remeber that tune from the early pre and Anti grunge 90's? Dream Theater was the band. I'll toss it up on the right on "Stuck in my head."

Welp. Sleep. Beautiful woman. All just down the hall. gotta go.


timpani76 said...

You may not have loaded weapons, but you do have knives!

Also- Some of the teachers at SIUE were actually professionals who did teaching on the side. You could always "retire" and then be a teacher whenever you get to be that age. Just a thought. I think you would make an interesting teacher at the college level.

Anonymous said...

Check your e-mail. There are some places where you could work that particular skill set. ;)

Big E

Brad Carter said...

Here's Jonni's to do list for tomorrow, just to make you more jealous:


Cassi : ) said...

women don't need modern weapons we can make you think twice with just one look, it's equivalent to daggers evidently. it's comes standard, like the eyes in the back of our heads! haha! I would love to take a class from you - philosophy maybe?? ps - I haven't had the opportunity to meet your wife, but she looks gorgeous in all her pics!

Anonymous said...

Philosphy!? Bah!

But thanks for the compliment anyway!!!!!! LOL.

Probably the two easiest things for me to convince people that I am qualified to teach in would be Math and Pro-E(which is my bread and butter drafting software at work.)


Eyepoke said...


lizS said...

thanks cassi! back atcha!