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Friday, May 21, 2010

Things I Don't Get: Part1: Make up

I'd get it if you were trying to hide in the jungle, or if you had been burned by acid, or were just naturally ugly. I kind of get perfume, because of you are trying to fake pheromones. (Even that is dumb because 1: it's kind of underhanded and sneaky and 2: wow-find something else to worry about.)

But why a normal person, going to a normal place, like outside, would feel the need to put paint on their face is just flat weird to me.

I can see it if it were part of some sort of heathen ritual. Or if you wanted to scare the jeepers out of the enemy tribe when you went to kill them. Or if it was Halloween. That's all good fun. I'm not saying it doesn't have it uses.

I'm not saying that all girls are stupid. I'm just saying what sort of bizarre thought process do you have to go through before you find yourself in front of a mirror putting skin colored color on your skin? How does a human being come to this?!

Yeah, I know. "You say you like the way we look just as well without it, but you treat us different when we wear it." So, that's probably true. But it's still dumb.

Does it make hash out of your psyche? "No. we feel better when we wear it" But isn't that the same as feeling bad without it? Is it like a self esteem deficiency thing?

I don't mind that you do it. It's cool. It's your face. I'm easy going. I like girls. But I don't get it.


timpani76 said...

Putting on make up is so a part of the feminine experience that I'm not surprised you don't get it, since you're a dude! It must be hard being a guy sometimes.

Let me try to 'splain it to you anyway:

Girls don't wear make up just because they think they look better with it. It's like a ninja putting on his gear before he goes to battle. He puts on all this stuff, not because he thinks even half of this stuff makes him a better warrior, but because of the attitude that comes with all the gear is important to him.

Make up is all about an attitude of femininity that comes when we put on all our gear. Wash our face, put on some deodorant, perfume, lotion, make up. These things are our invisible armor that makes us feel like real women. Like we care about ourselves enough to pull out all the stops and look really good.

For me, it's for myself. I doubt Erik notices the eye shadow or mascara, or eyeliner, most days but I like to have these things. Although, he does like the perfume, since he has mentioned that. But, more importantly, I notice these things, and since they are for me to feel prepared to face the day, that's what matters.

(ps- just don't because you don't get it does not make it less important!)

Dana Cheryl said...

I'm a person of extremes... I've not worn make up in about six months. Although I go through spells were I wear it almost everyday for weeks at a time.

Truly it just depends on what activities I've planned for the day. For instance if I'm going hiking or camping or the like I am not gonna wear make up. I'll just slather on the moisturizer (my skin is really, really dry) and sunscreen ( which I wear every single day because skin cancer has a genetic component and my family got lucky with those genes) but no make up. Pretty much if I'm gonna sweat it off there's no sense in wearing it. However, if I'm out & about with no physical exertion planned then I'm probably gonna be sporting some cosmetics.

I do enjoy wearing make up. Hair, make up, clothing... It's all artistry. It's the key way in which I express my artistic self. Every single person I come across in a day will see the way I look (barring blindness of course) and the clothes, hair, make up, and jewelry reflects some of what I feel and want to project.

Some folks paint, some build things, others design things, people landscape, garden, bake, cook etc... to express their artistry. I use my appearance to express some of mine to the world.

I use it to convey many, many messages. For instance, I'm the kind of girl who changes her make up as well as her hair & clothing from day to evening. Moreover, if I happen to be going out it's bumped up several notches. I'm all about the glam if I'm going to a club. Fake lashes, high heeled shoes, big hair, bold make up... Ya know, I'm wearing the stuff that's easier to see in the semi-dark of a dance floor. It's just so much fun!

You're right we do get more attention when we wear make up. People smile more, guys definitely approach me more often and not because I look like a whore. Although I have had guys try to buy me but oddly enough I wasn't all glammed up. I was wearing beige when that happened but I digress...

I think guys probably open up more because I'm feeling more confident because people have been telling me how good I look... People are not shy about telling me what they like and what they don't like. Of course, opinions differ greatly and I make the final call but I have learned certain things about how to fix my hair, what colors look best, how to wear my eye shadow...

All in all. Make up is fun. It's good to be a girl.

p.s. I wear perfume because I like how it smells. I've never thought of it as something to attract the opposite sex. I wear two fragrances. Vera Wang Princess & Banana Republic Alabaster. Oh they smell so good. Um, um , um. I just really like the smell so I put it on and breathe deeply throughout the day. :)

Hoba Chi said...

"and not because I look like a whore"

"I doubt Erik notices the eye shadow or mascara, or eyeliner,"
Do too! Makes you look Cleopatra-like! :P

timpani76 said...

Aw, my husband is sweet ;)

Eyepoke said...

Question one, for Timpani:
Putting on make up is so a part of the feminine experience that I'm not surprised you don't get it, since you're a dude!

Why is a feminine specific thing? Why don't guys do it?

Next: trying to boil down Dana and T-dog's responses I come up with basically "We do it cause we like it." Fair interpretation? Which is pretty much the best reason ever as far as I am concerned. The devil knows I do all kinds of stuff for no better reason than that. You wanna, why not? (provided you aren't hurting anybody, other than, mebbe, a cat liked its organs as they were)XP

Eyepoke said...

(ps- just don't because you don't get it does not make it less important!)

I'm not AGAINST make up, I just don't get it. But I don't get alot of stuff.I'm used to not getting stuff.

Renae said...

My kids ask me a lot why I wear make-up. I'll go for several days at a stretch without ever putting on make-up. However, if I'm going into the public, and sometimes just for me, or for my hubby, I like to wear make-up because I think I look nicer that way. I feel more presentable. Perfume, hardly ever. I just don't know of any that I terribly like. I don't know how to do make-up all fancy and artistically, and I can't do my hair fancy at ALL. I wish I did know how to do all those things! I do pretty much one kind of make-up, and I just vary it in color and intensity. I really think it would be fun to learn other tricks though, but I just haven't had the time / talent to figure it out. Long and short, I like how I look with make-up more than I do with-out. I feel more confident and less shy. If that makes me a moron, oh well, I'm a moron.

Renae said...

Dana, if you ever want to show me any of your tricks, you would have a rapt and appreciative audience.

Dana Cheryl said...

Here's my secret... I google it. Seriously! Everything is on youtube. Make up tutorials, how-tos for hair styles, etc... After that it's lots of trial and error. It took about five attempts before I could put on false lashes. I hate mascara with a passion. HaTe It!!! I've been looking into getting eye lash extensions so that I'll never, ever have to wear that horrid stuff again. Yet, until then I will 'cause it makes a big difference especially in pictures.

timpani76 said...

I second the you tube tutorials for just about everything. That's how I learned how to swim properly again after not swimming for a long time. I also learned about something called a "sock bun" recently. I'm going to try that soon!

timpani76 said...

It's hilarious that John started a thread about how he does not understand make up and we're all talking about where we get our make up tips from.

lizS said...

i absolutely love my forum for this. they have make up tips and tricks, and links to everyone's favorite youtube make up gurus, and skin care stuff, and hair stuff, and all kinds of things. i've learned so much about make up and application from these ladies!
it's totally free to join, and there's a ton of information!

Anonymous said...

I shave my face, comb my hair, were nice clothes, some times calonge. It depends on the situation how much trouble I go to. I will say that I have seen some major stupidity on peoples(girls seem to be guilty more often) part. Like girls who do the full complement of make up to go to the gym. Of course there are some that need more help than others. I will say that for most occasions make up should be done in such a way that I can't tell you have make up on. If you look like a gaysha it is a problem, and draws more attention(bad in this case) than what ever you were trying to cover in the first place.

Dana Cheryl said...

It's true that some women wear make up to "cover up" but that's not typically the case. In my experience of being a woman with many friends I find that most of us wear make up to express ourselve or to highlight particular features of our faces. For instance, I wear mascara only because I look like I don't have eyelashes otherwise but all the rest is for fun.

And occasionally looking like a geisha is freaking fun!!! Remember, I was wearing boring beige when the two guys from Russia tried to buy me. It's odd but I get far less graphically negative attention when I'm made up to the point of being freaking bedazzled!! lol!

Oh and here's a little insider knowledge... Women that wear make up to the gym are either 1.looking to be picked up on or 2. just getting off work or outta class and don't bother taking it off or 3. Have someplace to be right after the gym.

Liz, I'll check out your forum. Sounds fun!

lizS said...

i'll look for you around the forum dana, lol!

mckenzie said...

I came to the same conclusion some time during college. I don't find the need to wear it now. But, I want all guys out there to understand something. We don't wear makeup for you anyway. We don't wear heels for you, and we don't put on pretty dresses for you. We wear all this stuff to intimidate other girls and to establish territory, dominance, and to weed out the competition. And you thought males in the animal kingdom had cornered the market on all that. Interesting topic John.

Eyepoke said...

How very... canine.

Is this why some girls get called dogs?