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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Anand Wins!

Bottom of the ninth, tie game. Today was the last possible full length game in the series. I thought it would most likely be a tie and go into sudden death speed games. (at this level of play a speed game starts with 20 minutes to each side with the possiblity to earn back time- to me this is a fairly sedate, slow paced game.) Toplov had white, and had been playing well, so barring a tie, the next most expected outcome was a win by Toplov, ending the series and dethroning Anand. The last thing I expected to see was Anand winning with black, but that's what happened. Before today's game both competitors had won two games each, always as white.

Conratulations to Anand, retaining his title, but you have to hand it to Toplov, he put up a monster of a fight.

What to look forward to next?

The Canidates Tournament: 8 players duke it out for the right to be the next to challenge Anand for his title. No date for the tournament has been set that I know of. 6 of the 8 Canidates have been determined:

Toplov (obviously)
Kramnik, who Anand unseated in 2008,
Gata Kamsky, The American!- who Toplov beat out to be this year's challenger,
Magnus Carlsen and
two other guys I have never mentioned before and don't know much about.


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