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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Harry Dresden Casting Call

Liz and me started trying to figure out who we'd get to play the various characters from the Harry Dresden books, when we start filming the movie. (All we need first is funding and maybe a script)

Here's what we've got so far:

Harry Dresden: Tough one, but we are thinking mebbe Nathan Fillion (Mal from Firefly). I also like Hugh Jackman or Robert Downey Jr maybe?

Karrin Murphy: Sarah Michelle Gellar

Molly Carpenter: The girl from the Twilight movies

Michael Carpenter: Tom Welling would be perfect, but he's mebbe not old enough. And Mel Gibson is too old.

John Marcone: Jason Isaacs (plays Lucious Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies)

Thomas Raith: Orlando Bloom

Ebeneezar McCoy: Robert Duvall

Sanya: Will Smith, partly because it would be great to hear him do a Russian accent

Shiro: Jackie Chan. No just kidding. The action would be good, but Jackie would wreck Shiro's character. Its be hilarious though. I dont have anyone for Shiro. The dude from Crouching Tiger?

Billy the Werewolf: We kicked around the idea of getting Sharkboy-whats hisname- the werewolf from the stupid Twightlight movies- partly because ha ha ha and partly beacuse we need someone who can be a geek, the muscle up. Shia?

Still working on people like-


Charity Carpenter:

Waldo Butters:

Donald Morgan:

Bob('s voice):

Susan Rodrigez:

The list goes on and on.


timpani76 said...

Molly Carpenter is a tall blond- so I veto the girl from Twilight. I think of her as a slightly clumsy gothed out super model. What about the blonde girl from Roswell that is now on Grey's Anatomy? She also has played in some movies (27 dresses etc.)

Thomas Raith- NOT Orlando Bloom, actually Tom Welling would be better for him, I think.

I vote Brendan Fraser for Michael Carpenter. He pulls off flannel pretty well, and he looks like a hard worker.

John Marcone- Ok, the Lucius Malfoy guy would be good, I can see that.

Ebeneezar McCoy- How can you NOT see Clint Eastwood? Hmm, maybe not, but Robert Duvall is just not TOUGH enough.

Billy the Werewolf- Short nerdy kid? Seth Green?

Susan Rodriguez- Erik says Jessica Alba, I can't decide. I like her too much, I can't be impartial.

Karrin Murphy- I will grudgingly give you SMG, but only because I cannot think of anyone else! Actually, Jodi Foster about 20 years ago would have been good for her.

Anonymous said...

Jodi might have been good for Murphy, but she would be good for anything. Molly actually has blue and pink hair half the time.


timpani76 said...

Still, with the TALL, even if she did die her hair. The girl from Twilight is a tiny tiny girl.

Dana Cheryl said...

I had to look up Harry Dresden. I vaguely remember a tv show called The Dresden Files which looks promising but I never got to watch an episode.

I'm alway looking for new books to read so give me a week or two and I'll have a comment about your cast. :)

lizS said...

wow, timpani, i'm gonna have to disagree all the way across the board, lol! katherine heigle is WAY too old, and tom welling? really? and clint eastwood?! uck, and way WAY too old! ebenezer is, yes, centuries old, but he doesn't look it! and how can you say that robert duvall is not tough? he's way tough! and holy crap, brenden fraiser as someone uber pious? um, can you say NOT!

hm, i can see that this is going to be heated. ;P

timpani76 said...

Liz- You probably never saw Brendan Fraser in Gods and Monsters, but that movie would probably change your mind about how well BF can act. He's not all stupid and goofy, he could totally pull off righteous religious warrior if he wanted.

Yeah, Katherine Heigel is probably too old, but she's played awkward well before, tall, and looks like a blonde.

Robert Duvall has a soft voice and small girly hands :p

timpani76 said...

Ok, and I could not really think of anyone who could pull of the otherworldly magnetism that is Thomas Raith. It would be really hard to put that on the screen anyway.

Anonymous said...

The TV show was a complete train wreck. like wow.

I think Liz has got a point. BF for Michael is almost as bad as Jackie Chan for Shiro.

Eastwood might be good as a zombie, now that he looks mostly dead anyway.


Dana Cheryl said...

T, I totally agree with you about Brenden Fraiser after seeing Gods & Monsters. Wow! I see him in a different light than before. Outstanding performance!