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Friday, April 30, 2010

A link to the 2010 games.

Anand, BTW, (defending champion, from India) has taken a somewhat strongish lead. He's up 3 games to 2 and has white the next 2 games. 5 games have been played, Anand winning 2, playing white and tieing 2 playing black.

Anand next year vs Magnus?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Here's an algorithm I made up while I was a work today for determining if a number is prime or not.

Let X= the number you want to know if its prime or not
Let Y=2

1)Check: is X divisible by Y?

If yes, X aint prime.

If no:

2) Check: Is Y^2 bigger than X?

If yes, X is prime.
If no, repeat the process, increasing Y by one.

You could also simply increase Y to the next highest prime and it'd work just as well, but since to determine if Y+1 is prime you have to work through a bunch of steps of the algorithm, vs just using that number means you only have to work through the steps once, so I figure its faster just to crank through all the numbers rather than trying to filter out the non primes.

I am putting this up here just in case you needed something like this. It's free.

A pleasant factiod that comes out of this is that any number lower than 49 (7x7) is prime, unless it ends in 0,2,4,5,6,8, or if its digits sum up to 3,6 or 9.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

2010 Championship is on

Annoyingly, whoever the winner of this match up turns out to be, neither will have a really convincing claim on being the greatest in the world. Magnus Carlsen, the 19 year old Norweigen has the #1 win/loss rating in the world, and he is not in the 2010 championship.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Harry Dresden Casting Call

Liz and me started trying to figure out who we'd get to play the various characters from the Harry Dresden books, when we start filming the movie. (All we need first is funding and maybe a script)

Here's what we've got so far:

Harry Dresden: Tough one, but we are thinking mebbe Nathan Fillion (Mal from Firefly). I also like Hugh Jackman or Robert Downey Jr maybe?

Karrin Murphy: Sarah Michelle Gellar

Molly Carpenter: The girl from the Twilight movies

Michael Carpenter: Tom Welling would be perfect, but he's mebbe not old enough. And Mel Gibson is too old.

John Marcone: Jason Isaacs (plays Lucious Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies)

Thomas Raith: Orlando Bloom

Ebeneezar McCoy: Robert Duvall

Sanya: Will Smith, partly because it would be great to hear him do a Russian accent

Shiro: Jackie Chan. No just kidding. The action would be good, but Jackie would wreck Shiro's character. Its be hilarious though. I dont have anyone for Shiro. The dude from Crouching Tiger?

Billy the Werewolf: We kicked around the idea of getting Sharkboy-whats hisname- the werewolf from the stupid Twightlight movies- partly because ha ha ha and partly beacuse we need someone who can be a geek, the muscle up. Shia?

Still working on people like-


Charity Carpenter:

Waldo Butters:

Donald Morgan:

Bob('s voice):

Susan Rodrigez:

The list goes on and on.