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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Hunger Games

Started reading The Hunger Games by Suzzanne Collins less than 24 hours ago. Finished reading The Hunger Games by Suzzanne Collins less than 4 hours ago. It's GOOD.
(Renae, you would like it.)

Seems like Liz calamities and good books go together.

I also read The Pool of Fire by John Christopher a couple days ago. Its part of an older juvenile sci-fi trilogy or quadrology, that is fairly hardish to find. It was also pretty good.


Renae said...

Funny, I think that book was somewhere in the back of my mind on the "to read" list. We've been reading the Percy Jackson books as a family. I just finished book 2 (I had several days of lying around reading while I was sick). Actually I'm really digging them. It's like finding another HP almost.

Hope Liz feels better soon! What is it with you all? Can I help in anyway?

Jess Newell said...

liz told me i should read those books last time you came to peoria. i never did get around to reading them...

Andrea said...

I really liked the Hunger Games...have you read the second in the series?