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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Coolest Geeks

You know, most famous people just annoy me. They seem to live in a constant state of tripping over themselves to conform to some lame social standard of coolness. In the process, they forget the first rule of the truly cool, which is : "Dude. Relax. Be Yourself." And here enters in the zen paradox:

The coolest people on the planet are the biggest geeks.

Cause they just don't care what the world thinks- they just get on with life comfy in thier own skin and do frickin cool schtuff.

Here's the top 16 coolest geeks that I know of. Obviously the list is slanted towards chess obsessed, engineer type Rush fans, because I made the list.

So I am interested. The coolest geeks of all time- Post Tolkien. (I think before Tolkien there wasn't really such a thing as geeks, just protogeeks. Tolkein crystalized the concept. Plus, it's just not fair, if you include Tolkein and Isaac Newton etc etc blah blah. )

So. Who did I miss? Who am I wrong about? And don't say George Lucas cause he is a total idiot.

Ok no further ado. In no particular order:

The John Sever Fanclub!!
Sweet Sixteen
Coolest Geeks List!
(work in progress)

1) Sir Ian McKellan

He's Gandalf and Magneeto!

2) Rowan Atkinson

Who is really cooler and geekier than Mr. Bean? (Plus he's the bird in the Lion King!)

3) St. Wierd Al YankovicA stronger artist than just about everyone he has ever parodied.

4) Gary Gygax
Inventor of D+D!

5) Peter Jackson
The genius and vision behind the Lord of the Rings movies
6) Sir Patrick Stewart
Picard and Professor X!
7) Neil Peart
Drummer and Lyricist from the rock band RUSH.

Penned sci-fi lyrics for tunes like "2112", "Red Barchetta", "The Analog Kid"

8) Richard Garfeild

Invented Magic the Gathering, and in fact the entire genre of fantasy trading card gaming.

9) Magnus Carlsen
Norwiegian Chess genius, possibly the strongest player in the world, at age 18. (or some other really young age that I am not bothering to look up)

10) JK Rowling
Author of Harry Potter

11) Carl Sagan
Astronomer. Never afraid to get passionate about science in front of millions. (or was that billions?)
12) Geddy Lee
Bassist and vocals for RUSH. One of a kind voice that screams geek. Yet utterly cool.
13) Jim Butcher
Author of The Dresden Files. Gamer. Martial Artist. LARPer.

14) Gary Kasparov
Possibly the strongest chess player from last generation. First world class player to be defeated by a computer (Deep Blue)

15) Elon Musk
Inventor of paypal. Owner of SpaceX, the world's first commercial spaceflight business. (Made famous in the novella To the Stars, email me for the full version)
16) Douglas Noel Adams
Author of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Died too young. Missed.
That's my list. Of course there is such a thing as just being a geek with no cool what so ever, and there are plenty of those people too. But these guys, much like myself, somehow manage to be both.
So. Who am I missing? Who am I wrong about? Very interested in your thoughts!


Jess Newell said...

hey!! this means that you're cool too!! not that i ever doubted your coolness, but this just made it pure fact that you are cool. those are some of the coolest geeks ever.

timpani76 said...

Only one girl???? You suck!!!!

Eyepoke said...

Girls aren't as cool, what can I say?

Anonymous said...

or maybe they aren't very geeky... you pick.


pie-seas79 said...

carl sagan...bahahaha!
weird al....no.
I think I'm okay with everyone else but I can't remember them all now that I'm on the comment page....ARGH!

lizS said...

i would say girls are just cool, without the need to be geeky too. :D

Eyepoke said...

Name One.

Renae said...

I am cool, and a geek, and a girl. Thanks.

For my list, see my page. Yes, I'm going to stoop to copying because I'm not afraid of being called a copycat. How can I give a proper response otherwise?

Eyepoke said...

Yeah, girl geeks exist, I just think its yet another male dominated sport.

Hurry and give your list Renae! Interested!!

Dana Cheryl said...

Nice well-rounded geek list.

In regards to a girl geek...

Have you ever watched The Universe on Discovery? There's a girl on there that works at NASA's Goddard Jet Propulsion Lab. She explains the hard to grasp concepts in ways that mere mortals can understand. Total geek. Totally cool geek!