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Friday, January 15, 2010

Minor revalation

So... I've been sitting on something for a while... I've hinted here and there that I have been writing something. Welp. It's basically finished.

I had given myself the deadline of Christmas to put the wraps on it, so that I could present it to my brother Trent for the big day. I basically succeeded at the last minute (deadlines help me) and Trent got his copy. (It has some kind of for Trent significance)

However, after rereading it I determined that I wanted to do some more clean up before I call it done. But I actually like the results fairly well, and it is kind of a big milestone for me to have actually completed any sort of creative writing project. I dunno how people write whole books, its alot of effort.

So what is it? Its a short story that is mebbe pushing the bounds of a novella. 32 pages long (Ariel 10, single spaced). Genre: Sci Fi.

It's been sitting around since Christmas waiting for me to put the final polish on. I guess I need another dealine. I'm thinking end of Febuary? Anyhow. At that point, I guess I will dump it on anyone who wants to read it. Takers?


timpani76 said...

Sends it to me! I always like your writing, so no real suspense on whether I will like it or not ;)

Renae said...

Yes please

Brad Carter said...

Sign me up!

Patrick said...

I'm in!!!