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Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Five R's: Steps of Correct Revenge

1) Recognition: You need to realize that you have been wronged.

2) Rage: You need to feel anger that you have been wronged.

3) Rebuke: You need to call out the scumbag. For some matters, it is best if you rebuke them in your heart only. For other more serious issues, it is nessecary to call out the person to their face, and possibly in public.

4) Retribution: For correct revenge, you must "get even". If they broke something of yours you must break something of equal or greater value of theirs. Sometimes this is not possible, for instance, if the other person is too poor to own anything valuable enough for you to break for full vengence in this life to take place. In this case, you need to exact a proxy retribution on that person's friends and family.

5) Rendering: You need to render the other person incapable of ever wronging you that way again. Sometimes people overlook this step, and this is very sad, because then it is not true revenge, and without this step you can never feel the peace that only complete revenge can bring. In fact, if you leave the other guy capable of repeating his previous mistake and he or she does, it actually invalidates all your revenge in that matter. And then you have to start all over with step 1 again.


Brad Carter said...

I need to print this one out for future reference. Maybe I'll import it into MS Word and turn it into a checklist first.

timpani76 said...

Who are we planning on taking out these steps on?

Eyepoke said...

Really Timpani, to follow the True Path you need to do these steps with EVERYONE. After a lifetime of practice however doing this will become second nature and you will find yourself doing these things everytime anyone does something the slightest bit wrong to/around you and you won't really need the checklist anymore!

Renae said...

Oh the poor souls you are leading to hell!

timpani76 said...

I'm not sure pregnancy brain will let me recognize that I have been wronged, and I definitely don't have the energy for all that rage, rebuking, retribution, and rendering.

What about rolling over or resting? I could do that instead ;)