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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Erik and Chess

So, Erik likes to "play" chess online. I'm don't think he understands all the rules really, but he likes to move the peices around and gaff around with the chat box. Usually I set him up in a game room by himself vs the begginner level computer. I used to block any other players from being able to enter his game, but lately I haven't bothered, because it is entertaining when somebody enters his game, assumes from my rating that he is facing a moderately competent player and instead gets my four year old just fooling around. A couple weekends ago, someone with a very low rating wound up playing Erik, thinking he was me- and at the time my rating was fairly high. After half a dozen silly moves, this other guy types into the chat box:

"Stop Patronizing me!"

Here's another funny conversation Erik had today:


timpani76 said...

ROFL! You are evil! EVIL!

Patrick said...

Hey John-
I clicked on your chess link and it came up signed into your acount.
Are you ok with this?

Renae said...

That's funny! I'm also impressed that Erkl can type real words.

"Your move"



Eyepoke said...


I think I corrected the problem at your mom's place over Christmas. DON'T YOU DARE USE MY NAME TO FORWARD YOUR TWISTED AMBITIONS!!!!

Just kidding. How's the Bobby Fischer book? Hey if you get your own Pogo ID, let me know what it is, I'll look for you, and crush you. like a werm.

Jess Newell said...

LOL!!! Erik is so funny!! oh man, i miss that kiddie.