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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Water found on moon!

So this is a pretty big deal. There's water on the moon, and it sounds like potentially alot of it. Wicked!


timpani76 said...

So, I guess nuking the moon was a good thing?

Ummm, and help me out here, why is water on the moon a good thing? Explain it like you are NOT talking to an engineering geek ;)

Eyepoke said...

Just cause water is associated with life. I guess its not a good or bad thing one way or another as far as affecting anything here on Earth.

But I suppose now we can speculate about the likely hood of life on the Moon, and in the main that has been written off as all but proved to be not the case, until now.

If we do find life (like germs or something) living on the inside of the moon or some such, next we have to figure out if it arose there on its own or somehow traveled from the Earth. If its radically different from anything on Earth ... would tell us alot about what life can be. If it is very similiar, it may mean that germs etc travel more freely than we had thought. Either way, it tells us alot more about the likely hood of us being alone in the universe or not.

Anyhow. That's how I see it.

Renae said...


Patrick said...

Except that there is NO atmosphere on the moon. None whatsoever. How could there be life on the moon?

But on a slitely more optimistic note, this means that we could life on the moon and be slightly more selfsufitiont. (Please pardon my spelling.)

Eyepoke said...

Not all life needs air to live. Fish for example, and lots of types of germs. In fact I once read about a germ that survived on a telescope lens on the moon for a couple of years.

Patrick said...

Goood Point. But I don't expect to see a bunch of fish in that frozen climate anytime soon.

But could you build a super efficient space station on the moon? That's the important issue. Particuarly would the moons gravity have enough of an effect to keep an astronaut's limbs from turning to jelly? These are the questions that haunt me.

Eyepoke said...

Well the gravity on the moon is definately a problem. it's not much, I think like a sixteenth of Earth's. Living there for a long time would have to be bad for your cardio.