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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

If you have six fingers, which alot of people do you know, how do you flip someone off? Is it impossible? Can you do it with both middle fingers at once- well actually all four, if you use both hands? Does it mean extra if you do it that way? And while we are on the subject, does anyone know the name for a 2-d shape that is defined by four radii of any length, perpendicular to each other with a common starting point? Like this, I mean:

Like an elipse but off center.

Here's 2 more for no reason:

oh and liz left out my favorite one from the flesh drilling thing:

I was hoping that some one from church or a cop or someone would stop by and ask why my power tools were covered in blood but no one did.


Brad Carter said...

I never considered how tragic it must be for 6-fingered people being completely unable to express their displeasure on the road. That's really sad. Thanks for opening my eyes to this, John. Now I have something else to be thankful for today.

timpani76 said...

You couldn't have just stared the meat off the shelf? What about just using really colorful language to scare it off? Couldn't have bored it off the shelf by talking about chess some more? How about passing gas on it until it exploded of the shelf? Or read Sylvia Plath poetry until it wanted to jump off the shelf in a bad attempt at killing itself, again?

Patrick said...

I don't know what you mean by the whole eclipse thing. You went way over my head with that one.

The six finger thing doesn't matter! Most people with six fingers had the extra one amputated at birth! Have you ever seen anyone actually walking around with six fingers? Not to mention people with that genetic mutation only have it on one hand to begin with! So there!!

Why are all your power tools bloody? Have you killed anyone lately? (Hehe!)