Daily GUIDE-ance:

Friday, October 9, 2009

If You Give a Bear a Black Eye

If you give a bear a black eye

He's going to take a swing at you
You're going to need to duck

That will make him angry
and you'll need to climb a tree.

He'll try to climb up after you
So you'll want to climb up even higher

He won't be able to go that high
and he'll fall down

He won't like that
And he'll probably try to knock the tree down

This will make you fall
You'll be able to grab a twig...
and another twig

You'll swing-

-and accidentally knock down a beehive!

The bees won't like that
The hive will fall on the bear

The bees will race him to the nearest lake
and you will be able to climb down.

And get the Honey!

You'll take the honey to your tent
and eat it on some crackers

a bear will probably smell it
and want some
He will probably startle you

and you might accidentally give him a black eye
and chances are
If you give him a black eye...

He's going to take a swing at you.



timpani76 said...

LOL. Very funny. But, I'm never going camping with you in bear country!

Renae said...

Ha ha ha!