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Monday, October 19, 2009

I finished all 11 Harry Dresdens.

Changes doesn't come out till April. I now have nothing to live for.

Except the Harry Dresden short stories, which are scattered through out a bunch of books and are happily, terribly hard to find. (Will take longer that way) Speaking of hard to find end of serieses, I finally read Dominion (alas, I will never again, in this life, read a Saberhagen Dracula for the first time). Dominion was not my favorite. Oh well. I am currently reading Starship Troopers, and I like it. Heinlien. He was good.

But frankly, I miss Harry Dresden.

And I started writing something. I actually finished enough to let Liz read some. She praised it. Will pass it on in the event that I succeed in finishing it. Real writing is so much more work than babbling on the blogosphere. Hence, what am I doing right now?

Ah Halloween is apon us. Sadly, I have not been able to make many sacrifices to the dark gods this year... sick wife. It looks like I won't get to do my haunted treasure hunt party, mebbe... although I haven't ruled it out yet entirely. But it would have to be post Halloween, I fear, at this point. Last year was such a blast.


Anonymous said...


Renae said...

I just finished Rocket Boys per your recommendation. I enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Hah. I haven't finished Rocket Boys yet!


timpani76 said...

Did you read Starship Troopers because I recommended it? I remember thinking, "John would like this book" and not just because the lead character's name was "johnny".

Now that your read all the Dresden books: I was so disappointed in Thomas! He was "cured" and then he goes back? What????

Eyepoke said...

Ah... Thomas will be ok, evantually.

I finished Starship Troopers. Basic Heinlein. It was good. I read it cause I am reading all the Heinlien I can get, and the library happened to have it. I like the quote:

"You blankety blank apes think this is a deleted nursey! Well it aint! See?!"

-attributed to a Hellenic corpal outside the walls of Troy in 1194 BC