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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Liz, Hospital, Harry

Liz just got admitted to the hospital. Trouble breathing. Dizziness.
They dont think she has a flu! Wierd.

Yes yes I'm emotionally traumatized, cauterized, synthesized, oversized, supersized, anethteized, pulervized, polarized, criticized, civilized, liquidized, eyeball eyes-ed.

So she's spending the night there, Im at home. Just got home. 12:30 am now. Church people have been here helping with kids. The mormons around here are really great scthuff. Gotta say.

Doing tests. I'll clue you all in when we know something.

But Seriously...

Harry Dresden Rules!!

I finished my third Harry D since my birthday in August tonight. 3 harrys in 4 weeks. And I have one more to go waiting for me. After that, I have drained the local library and may have to buy some.

Summer Knight was the one I just finished. And Timpani you are totally crazy if you think that there is no action by chics in these books. There's tons!!!! You are obviously prejudiced against men.

Best Line from Summer Knight: (and there are many places where I have just tossed the books down and laughed out loud)

"I don't believe in Faeries!"

Best Line from Dead beat was:

"Polka will never die!"

I'm not sure what the best line from Storm Front was. I'll get back to you on that.

The one on deck is Proven Guilty. I am not into reading things in order, unless you mean order of availability.


Renae said...

DUDE, That SUCKS!! What can I do to help? Your kids want to come and live with me for a week or so? I guess that would screw up school. grumble. Well, I could take Erkl, if that would help. Clue me in on what you need.

Eyepoke said...

Thanks Nae. I'll let you know. By the way, you should know, the rest of us are sick too! Stuff noses, sore throats, minor temperatures. The hospital is saying Liz doesn't have swine flu after all, they are saying that she doesn't have any kind of flu. Im skeptical- what else do you call a contagious thing that does all that stuff if not the flu?


timpani76 said...

Is the dizziness and stuff from her heart now? I just cannot imagine how tired you must be John!

Dresden comment- I did not say there was not ANY action from women, I just said the main action was done by the lead guy (obviously Harry Dresden). He does not really have a "female lead" that lasts all through the books. There are obviously many many female characters that show up in various books. AND, I said I still really liked the books!!!

You read Summer Knight before you read Grave Peril? Aren't you curious what happened to Susan? Hello!

I REALLY do not think that you should read Proven Guilty until you find out about Thomas, or did they explain that in Summer Knight?

timpani76 said...

Wait, you read Dead Beat first? Gahh!

Hoba Chi said...

Major bummer re: Liz. I hope the doctors figger it out quick for to get her back on the road to recovery.

I can't do books out of order. I like story continuity.

Anonymous said...