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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day from Yyfarn

So, after leaving Liz at the hospital and getting to sleep around 1 am, I woke up to a 3 year old with a toasty forehead, crying that his ear hurt. And Erik is Zen master tough.

So I spend yesterday morning in the clinic, getting Erik checked out. Ear infection. Antibiotics. The doc said what the Yyfarn you and Jonni look like you ought to be on them too. I got a mormon to go fill our prescriptions for us, since Erik was not really up to gratutitttuios traveling. (love the mormons). He ran a fever most the day, and really Liz is the doctor around here, so I am starting to crack... plus I myself am technically sick too.

Today we are beating a retreat to Grandma Bryan's house. Feeling very lucky to have her around. I got lucky in the family department.

Today Erik is much better fever wise, BTW.

No new news on Liz. Still in hospital. Haven't gotten far into Proven Guilty, but I am getting the sense from it that maybe I should take everyone's advice and go back to Fool Moon and get caught up.


timpani76 said...

The baby is sick too? Go! Go retreat to the mamas for help! You need sleep and breaks just as much as the rest of us humans!
I would offer to help, but I think I'm supposed to avoid sick people right now :(

Dresden comment- I don't think it's ABSOLUTELY necessary that you read the LAST 4-5 books in order, but I think the FIRST 6-7 make more sense that way. Yeah, because otherwise you're not going to know how he got his apprentice and all that right? Plus, his the part about the Knights of the Cross is in the first couple of books and they really take some explaining, I think. Yeah, I guess just reading them all in order would be lots easier. Unless, you just like things the hard/fun way ;)

timpani76 said...

Ok, so everyone is on antibiotics now?

Eyepoke said...

Finished Proven Guilty.

Not Bad. (Hey, that could be a HD title!)

Proven Guilty wasn't as funny as the others 3 mebbe. But good. Keeping the chronology striaght has not been much of a problem so far. I will be looking for Fool Moon though.

Anonymous said...