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Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Big Harry Update

Finished Book six over the weekend, which means I am now caught up chronologically and can move on to Book 9. Which I sure hope is White Night, because that's the one I have sitting here. Liked Book 1. Thought 2 and 3 were alright, but I think that at book 4 he really starts to hit his stride.

Best line from Blood Rites (BK6):

"Who the hell are you?!"
"I the hell am Harry."

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Scope This Out!

I don't like to talk work too much outside of work (it's bad luck) but today I reviewed a patent application with My Name on it! Yeah. Cool, no? I'll give you all a heads up if/when the patent goes through and becomes all legal and preserved for all posterity with all the other gillions of patents at the US patent office. It's not a major invention or anything, but still. I've never had a patent before. A patent. Me.

gorgle gorgle gorgle gorgle!

I have no idea how long it takes this sort of thing to process. Years?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Light is Eternal?

Enough with the posts about illness.

I tend to insomnia. In a small way. I usually wake up 3 times a night, including the one in the morning that sticks. If I encourage these wakings up, by say, getting out of bed, and going for a run or reading or some such, it usually means I am doomed for the next couple nights to wake up at that same time with a body that's all like: "I'm up! Time for Harry Dresden!" Or cake, pizza, a run, whatever it was that I did the night before. If I give in, then the next night I am doubly hosed and unable to sleep... a self enforcing behavior.. The defense is to Not get out of bed, but just lay there, in the darkness, until I finally crash out of sheer boredom.

But they only way I can lay still is if the mind has something to fiddle with in the wee. Usually I fall asleep by giving the mind something to fiddle with. When I was a kid (I've been doing this forever, but only just lately noticed it. One advantage of getting old-(36 now)- you get to know yourself) When I was a kid, 9x out of 10 I imagined Star Wars stuff. I was a jedi, facing down D.V. or some such.

Lately its been... a variety of things. The one I wanted to mention here is relativity.

I'm no relativity expert, I am a casual dabbler. One of my mythical beasts that I casually hunt from time to time is an attempt to understand Einstein's relativity. I don't get it, I'm not smart about it, but I'd like to be.

One of the ramifications of it is, of course, time dilation. This is the bit about how if you travel at speeds close to light speed time slows down for you, so that a journey that appears to every one else to take you 100 years to complete only takes you like 4 years or some such. The Twin paradox, perhaps you have heard of? One twin stays on earth and ages while the other takes a space voyage and comes home a year older, and finds his brother an old old man. It's also how come superman was a baby when he got here from Krypton. (which is pretty much the only sci fi I can think of that doesn't just blow relativity off)

The Lorentz factor is this : As I understand it, this formula tells you how much time is going to shrink for you based on how fast you are going.
tB is the time the trip appears to take to everyone not on the trip. tA is the time it takes from the point of view of the one who takes it. v is the velocity of the trip, and c is the speed of light.
The other night I was thinking in my sleep about this junk and the following thought occurred to me:

From our point of view, we see the stars, not as they are now but as they were hundreds of years ago, or thousands, or dozens, or 8 minutes ago if you are talking about The Sun, because that's how long light takes to make the trip to us.-

-Thats from Our point of view. But from the point of view of the light... from the point of view of the light how long does it take?
If I am reading this right... from the point of view of the light the trip takes Zero time. Just as long to go from Alpha Centuri to here as from your computer screen to your eyeball. No time at all. If you are a beam of light, everywhere you have ever been, everything you have ever bounced off of... it all happened at once. Light does not experience time. Light is eternal. Go figure.

End Thought.

At least that's the way I understand the Lorentz thing. Maybe I have it all wrong. I wish I had a relativity expert that I could bounce questions like this off of, but I don't. Seems like I remember reading that Einstein said that there were only about a half a dozen people besides himself who ever really understood relativity anyway. Maybe someday I will take a class in modern physics just to get my skull blow open.

Started Harry Dresden III today! I have a couple candidate best lines from it already and I am only 15% into it.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day from Yyfarn

So, after leaving Liz at the hospital and getting to sleep around 1 am, I woke up to a 3 year old with a toasty forehead, crying that his ear hurt. And Erik is Zen master tough.

So I spend yesterday morning in the clinic, getting Erik checked out. Ear infection. Antibiotics. The doc said what the Yyfarn you and Jonni look like you ought to be on them too. I got a mormon to go fill our prescriptions for us, since Erik was not really up to gratutitttuios traveling. (love the mormons). He ran a fever most the day, and really Liz is the doctor around here, so I am starting to crack... plus I myself am technically sick too.

Today we are beating a retreat to Grandma Bryan's house. Feeling very lucky to have her around. I got lucky in the family department.

Today Erik is much better fever wise, BTW.

No new news on Liz. Still in hospital. Haven't gotten far into Proven Guilty, but I am getting the sense from it that maybe I should take everyone's advice and go back to Fool Moon and get caught up.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Liz, Hospital, Harry

Liz just got admitted to the hospital. Trouble breathing. Dizziness.
They dont think she has a flu! Wierd.

Yes yes I'm emotionally traumatized, cauterized, synthesized, oversized, supersized, anethteized, pulervized, polarized, criticized, civilized, liquidized, eyeball eyes-ed.

So she's spending the night there, Im at home. Just got home. 12:30 am now. Church people have been here helping with kids. The mormons around here are really great scthuff. Gotta say.

Doing tests. I'll clue you all in when we know something.

But Seriously...

Harry Dresden Rules!!

I finished my third Harry D since my birthday in August tonight. 3 harrys in 4 weeks. And I have one more to go waiting for me. After that, I have drained the local library and may have to buy some.

Summer Knight was the one I just finished. And Timpani you are totally crazy if you think that there is no action by chics in these books. There's tons!!!! You are obviously prejudiced against men.

Best Line from Summer Knight: (and there are many places where I have just tossed the books down and laughed out loud)

"I don't believe in Faeries!"

Best Line from Dead beat was:

"Polka will never die!"

I'm not sure what the best line from Storm Front was. I'll get back to you on that.

The one on deck is Proven Guilty. I am not into reading things in order, unless you mean order of availability.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

So the other night we needed a few groceries.

(what a great opening line!)

I live with in 3 minutes drive of the local grocery store. I also live with in 2 minutes walk of the store so I tend to walk there instead of drive as often as I can. Walking to the store is more fun.

The unfortunate flipside is walking back from the store. Depending on what I buy. 3 gallons of milk can start to feel like scoliosis. I have in the past, severely overestimated what I can carry back on foot, and other times left alot of things unbought that I really wanted/needed on account of it being too much to carry.

The other night I got smart and took a duffle with me: