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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Harry Dresden

A friend recently introduced me to Harry Dresden. As in The Dresden Files By Jim Butcher. I blazed through the first one in a couple days and liked it... and I have gotten very picky about my fantasy novels in my old age. Louis Lamour, and real life, ruined me for poorly schlopped together fantasy writing. Fantasy, although still probably my favorite genre, is where lousy writers are drawn like flies, because (in my unhumble opinion) its one genre where you don't have to actually know anything to write in it. Because you are making it all up. Hence: losers write fantasy (and she's ugly). As do some geniui .

Anyhow, Butcher does well, so far. I just picked up another of these books and I have so far only read two paragraphs of it and I have to credit him, for those two paragraphs with the best opening I have read in along time. (For the record, the my very favorite closing line ever is Robert Heinlien's Have Spacesuit Will Travel.)

From Dead Beat:

"On the whole we're a murderous race.

According to Genesis, it took as few as four people to make the planet too crowded to stand, and the first murder was a fratricide. Genesis says that in a fit of jealous rage, the very first child born to mortal parents, Cain, snapped and popped the first metaphorical cap in another human being. The attack was a bloody, brutal, violent, reprehensible killing. Cain's brother Abel probably never saw it coming.

As I opened the door to my apartment, I was filled with a sense of empathetic sympathy and intuitive understanding.

For freaking Cain."

On a side note, Liz and I were at Borders today, and I saw a book called Pride and Predjudice and Zombies. I slipped it into the New Moon display at the front of the store. He He He.


timpani76 said...

Yep, Erik and I have read all of the Dresden Files that have been written (so far). Except for some weird vampire sex stuff in the 4th or 5th book, I liked them all, and I usually don't like books with a male lead pretty much doing all the action.

Renae said...

I'll have to put those on my list of "to reads." Happily, I do have a few in line.

Hoba Chi said...

Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed the Dresden novels. (Jim Butcher's Codex Alera novels are also good.) Unlike a lot of Vampire/supernatural novels they were not over-sexed. I like 'em and will keep reading. Pity they did not wait on the series until later, might have done better.

Hoba Chi said...

The TV series that is.

Eyepoke said...


Polka will never Die!

Do you remeber that line From Dead Beat? This guy cracks me up.

The thing that he does is some how he pulls off these dorky scences that just about anybody else would pretty much look stupid trying to write... but he makes it work somehow.

I'd bve interested in Renae's take on these books, I wouldn't have said this is a Renae must read. But anyhow.