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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Finished Brisingr.

Spoilers below, you have been warned:

It was way good, much better than I had expected! A touch derivitive mebbe, a hair predictable, but still great. Fighting, Fencing, Enchantments, Monsters, True Love, hidden identities... And Galbatorix finally had a line of dialogue!

I'm actually jazzed to get the next and final book. Will Roran wind up as the third Dragon Rider? I kept expecting that, but it didn't happen (sorry if I am spoiling anything, here for anyone who hasn't read the book). If not Roran, who? Arya? What about Shurikan? Is he evil or just a slave? What if it turns out that Shurikan is the evil mastermind and Galbatorix is his slave? I don't think it will play out that way, but it would be a clever twist. Third egg: is it a boy or a girl? Assuming Thorn survives and Shurikan dies, and the third egg hatches into a dragon, doesn't that make for an awkward love triangle amongst the three remaining dragons?

Anyhow. The 4th book probably won't come out for a century anyway.


Renae said...

I too just finished it, and I too enjoyed it. Although I listened to it, rather than actually reading it. There was an interview of Paolini by his editor after the book was over. I nearly drove off the road laughing when I heard their voices! You've never heard two such awful, nasally, nerdy sounding voices in your life!
Anyway, among other things, he said that he'd already named his next book. He said that like all of the other books were named for something Eragon got or inherited, the last book was named for something he was going to get. I've been trying to figure out what that might be. Any clues?

Eyepoke said...

How is Eldest something he inherited? For that matter he inherited his name?

Still, an interesting puzzle... What else does he need to inherit? A spellbook? from that freaky old dude who he met who was Angela's tutor?

Speaking of Angela, how about if she became the next dragon rider?

Renae said...

Let me see if I can remember... He got his name from the original rider Eragon, Eldest was refering to Mertag , so I guess he got an older brother? I don't know, for that matter how did he inherit Brisingr? I don't know. He said he named the last book after what he gets in the last book. Maybe I dreamed up the part about inherited having to do with the titles. Although the series is called the "Inheritance" something or other.

timpani76 said...


Eyepoke said...

T-dog, same at you!

Daniel Gibby said...

Oh man! I saw you said there would be spoilers, so I didn't read your post, or think too hard apparently, because then you got me all excited to get the fourth book, and then I got to the store, and I was thinking, wait a minute... Brisingr was the third book... and John is this slow reading it.

I guess it is my fault for reading too much into your post that I hadn't read, but it was still a disappointment that I'm happy to place on the fact that you are way late in reading this. I mean, it came out last year, right?

Anyway, maybe the last one could be called 'An invisibility saddle', but the elvish word for that, or whatever so he would get an invisible saddle, that would be something he could inherit.

Or maybe it could be called "my momma's pearls" or something that Eragon will find in Galbatorix's castle and later discover that they are dragon tears with magical abilities or something..

You know I was kidding about those two, right?
Seriously, it will probably be something like the elvish word for many dragon hearts, whatever that was. I just looked it up, Eldunarí is the dragon heart of hearts, so maybe the book will be that since Eragon will end up having them all.

Daniel Gibby said...

Interesting... looks like I'm not the only one who thought that the book would be called Eldunari


Those are user-submitted (user as in addict) book covers that people think the fourth book will be like. A couple look almost exactly what I think it will be.

Eyepoke said...