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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Renae stole this from me!!

What a Git! You think she would at least give me credit for having made it up out of my own head! What a splattergoit! Well I am never ever going to visit her stupid stealing webpage at http://renylousworld.blogspot.com/ ever again, and I advise you to aviod it like the plague also. What a complete chimpanzee! I hate her! What a gibwallow! What a snight! What a flopwopper! An appledropper! An unmerited latrine breath! http://renylousworld.blogspot.com/ sucks!!!!

How I Hate Her!


Renae said...

You are a diffendorfer!

Brad Carter said...

When I visit, let's do something awful to her. Maybe I can whip up a batch of my old hair dissolving formula.

Eyepoke said...