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Friday, July 3, 2009

New books, Terminator

I just flat out bought them from a used book store:


This is the last of the Fred Saberhagen Dracula books. Not the last in the series, but the last one I will get to read for the first time. In other words I have read the other 9, there are only 10 of them and he can't write any more because he is now dead. So finding Dominion is Significant.

I also picked up another Saberhagen Berserker book. Speaking of which, I saw the new Terminator a while back (I liked it!) but pretty much every Sci-Fi concept in it was already invented and used by Saberhagen decades ago.

Terminator robots: Saberhagen is credited with having invented the killer robot with his Berserkers.

A secret code that overrides the Termintors/Berserkers? Yep Saberhagen wrote that. The code turning out to be a decoy? Yeah.

The evil machine's quest to develop a convincing humaniod robot to inflitrate human society? A major theme in the Berserker books.

A semi-messianic human hero who is so key in the battle against the machines that the machines prioritize his death above just about any othe goal? Yeah. And tell me if the names aren't suspiciously similiar:

The Terminator hero/leader: John Conner

The Berserker version: Johan Karlsen

Let me reiterate that Saberhagen's work predates the Terminator movies by ... well, the one I just bought was published in 1979. Anyhow. Make what you want of it. Deliberate idea stealing or just kinda obvious stock plots for death robot stories? You decide.

Also picked up a new Heinlein. More on Heinlein later mebbe. And I also found a genuine HP Lovecraft. So now I can find out for myself how dumb he is, T-dog.


Brad Carter said...

The Terminator shutdown code was a decoy? I completely missed that in the movie somehow. Maybe when I got up for a popcorn refill. I wondered what happened to that revelation!

If you're into the Terminator franchise, you should read the books by S.M. Stirling. They take place when John is 16 and they're hiding out in Mexico. They're about a billion times better than movies 3 or 4.

timpani76 said...

I didn't say he was dumb, just kind of hoaky and outdated. Obviously, if lots of people based their works and improved on his work then he had to be on to something.

I also think Edgar Allen Poe is hoaky, but obviously he inspired a ton of whiny emo goth kids, so he must have been onto something as well ;)

lid said...

and now for something completely off the subject I beat trent at magic for the 4th time today! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!:)

Dana Cheryl said...

I've loved The Terminator franchise since childhood but haven't seen the fourth yet. Maybe I should just read these books and save mayself some grief in case I hate the movie.

I'd rather read anyway.

Way to go Lydia!!!! :)

Eyepoke said...

I'll look for the S.M. Stirling books Brad, thanks for the tip.

I've only seen terminator 2 and 4. I liked them both, but I have never really been a huge fan of the series. The 4th movie had some gaping holes (how are they going to do the heart transplant surgery at the end?) but I like it alot anyway. I thought is show cased some great philosphy schtuff, specifically when Kyle is captured and talks about keeping alive here and here (taps head, then heart). And also I like Connor's speech about making cold calculated descions like a machine. "If we become machines, then what is the point?"

I liked Batman Begins for much the same reasons. I hated the more recent Batman because it's driving philosphies were so laughable.

Plus the guy who played the convict, (in Terminator 4)I thought, did an awesome job. His character was alot of fun to watch.

I thought there was kind of an error in the film when Connor is face to face with the robot/man guy and is all like: "I've been trying to kill your kind all my life" Because in T2, Connor's first encounter with a robot is Arnold's character and the whole movie revolves around Connor having this ... very positive relationship with the robot who is sent to protect him... he teaches the robot how to be sort of human and "cool"... (Doesn't John Connor give Arnold the line "Hasta La Vista Baby?" Or am I delusional there?)

So I guess the point is, you would think Connor would naturally be more symapthetic. He hasn't always hated all robots.