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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Read a couple new things lately that I liked.

"Night Calls The Green Falcon" by Robert McCammeron

This was a short story about an old man who had played a superhero in a "serial" in the '50's. One night he sort of flips his lid and dresses up in his old costume and tries to track down a real serial killer. Funny, yet suspenseful.

Cthulu 2000

This is a collection of short stories inspired by the work of HP Lovecraft. It has quite a few well done tales written in the Lovecraft Mythos. I have been wanting to get ahold of some of his stuff, since he apparently has been highly influential in the the darker side of fantasy writing (and gaming of course) but this influenced by schtuff is all our library had, but its promising. Gahan Wilson and Roger Zelazzzney, the illustrator and author of A Night in the Lonesome October, #8 on the JSFC reccomended reading list both contribute. I started, then skipped about 2 of these stories on the grounds of if I wanted to be that disgusted I would shove my head up a cow's rectum rather than read this, but on the most of the others are much better.

What is it about scary stories that makes them seem to work best as short stories rather than as books?

I also want to go on public record that I don't really care that Michael Jackson is dead. Big whoop! At first I thought I was glad that he was dead, but on further reflection, I realized that I actually dont care. I find it highly distasteful the amount of mooning it up the media is doing with this. Let him be dead, and quit trying to make money off of it. People die all the time. He was just a wierd singer, not a god. It's interesting how humans seem to be hard wired to worship stuff. People want things and people to be bigger and more important than they really are. I don't get why they do that, but they do. I don't.

A while back I broke character and went to a Major League Baseball game. It was just bizzarre to me the amount of pryotechnics and shazzaam and ceremony they threw into this ballgame. I knew they would do a ceremonial first pitch, but they did like 8 or 9 ceremonial first pitches, and they called each one a ceremonial first pitch. They ought to have had the grace to call the second one the ceremonial second pitch, and then the third, etc etc, but no, nothing would do but they must call each one the first pitch. Why not call them the ceremonial zeroth pitches?

They did the wave. That was so hilarious to me I literally drew funny looks I was laughing so hard. What would an alien write in it's note book? "Each human in turn rises to its feet, then sitting down again, thereby creating a communal wave which circulates for an infinte circuit about the arena, verily, until they get bored as a collective." The hive mind stuff is just wild.

A Mascot dancing around like this game mattered to him, like it was his soul, like if we won we would all then experience true joy and bliss, as a new age of peace was ushered in. Dancing girls. Oh, yeah and recreational beverages for sale. It all forced me to think about ancient pagan rituals. It would be alot cooler if it had been some gladitorial bloodsport, but no, just 2 dozen homely guys playing a pretty wierd, complex, yet uncerebral game in which nobody's life is at stake.

I'm not saying it was dumb or stupid, it was kind of cool, because all these people were collectively enjoying themselves, and that was fun to be around. It was just wierd to me. Surreal. But apparently I am in the minority in seeing it that way.


Brad Carter said...

No no, it's okay! You can say ballgames are dumb and stupid. Really! Ballgames are dumb and stupid. I've managed to stay completely away from them since I was about 10 and forced to go to Cardinals games with my parents.

timpani76 said...

Finally! Someone has the guts to say "another child molester died, and he happened to be famous? Why? Why am I supposed to be upset????"

OK, I have to disagree with you on the ballgame thing. I think TV baseball is boring, but I love the pageantry and excitement of watching it live and in person. Once Vance gets old enough to care, I will totally take him to ball games like my mom took us. My mom is a true sports fan, though, and I don't get into it nearly as much as her ;)

I think H.P. Lovecraft's stories are so campy now. They just make me laugh more than scare me. I'm sure they inspired other (better) writers, but to me they are too over the top.

Renae said...

Never read one yet, so I cant say...

Renae said...

oh and I'm john not renae

Dana Cheryl said...

On both counts about MJ & baseball I think it comes down to entertainment. People want to be entertained & they'll worship those who do it best.

I've never went to an MJ concert. His height of popularity really was a tad bit people my time. However I know people who have gone to his performances & regardless of how they feel about the man as a person they all rave about his shows. Each calling it one of the most exciting experiences of their lives & one that they'd both love to relive.

I guess concerts & ballgames are to some what really great books are to me. I hail my favorite authors as talents & speak of their genius. (Seriously I think JK Rowling is a literary genius.) I'll go to book stores & wait in lines for the midnight release of a book I think I'll love. I discuss them in length online, in person, and on the phone. Although I'd refuse to do the wave for anyone. I like how ya channeled the alien vibe in describing that one. lol!

Renae said...

You funny! It's so nice to hear two men throw down sports. In the world that I married into, sports are a big thing, and ALL family get togethers include the TV on watching some stupid game, that I don't give two pins about, and I have to walk really quickly if I need to cross the room in front of the TV, or someone will get mad at me. (how's that for a run on sentence?) And how about the rediculous amount of money that ball players feel they are due just for playing a silly game well. How queer is that!

Brad Carter said...

I grew up in a sports loving family. Every time I visit my parents they've got some game blaring on the TV and they're constantly updating each other on the scores. My brother will call them on the phone occasionally and ask what the score is. It's a miracle that I never got sucked into those things.

I just don't see how it doesn't get completely boring after a week or two. I mean, every game is EXACTLY THE SAME. A ball gets thrown from side to side and one team wins and one team loses. How is that fun to watch? Fun to play, sure. But fun to WATCH for DECADES???

And Dana, I can't relate concerts to sports. Music is art. MJ did some brilliant stuff in the 80's and he should be forever respected for that. These other guys are just hitting balls with sticks. They're live cavemen. They're doing nothing creative or even amazing at all.

I realize I must be wrong since 90% of the world would surely disagree with me because they all love watching sports. But I'll never understand it.

Eyepoke said...

Brad I didnt know youre people were sport freaks. hmmm. how about that?

I dunno... the sport watching thing is not nearly as universally male as alot of people think. Most of my guy friends are not into watching sports anymore than I am.

I dont get the team sports with a ball at all, but I wil watch a fight and get into it. That's different somehow, but I can't put my finger on it. And I did once with Todd and Trent find myself spending most of a Saturday AM watching a marathon, which, I couldn't believe I was doing it at the time even, because at it is is running running running etc, and hen its over after a couple hours. But some how I did get sucked in.

I think i like the fighting and running sports cause they are so basic and primal, and represent something real.Fight and flight ya know...

anyhow. I liked the ball game I went to for the people watching it offered. People i lareg groups are interesting. They act differently.

Dana Cheryl said...

Brad it is quite the miracle that you're not of the cheese-wedge wearing type fanatics that grace the screen on ESPN. lol! I mean coming from a heritage such as yours. I think it's a testimony to your individuality. :)

I agree that music is an art. Most definitely! It transcends mere entertainment. Yet don't ya think that a concert is more along the lines of a movie rather than say a trip to the museum? The showcasing of art as a form of entertainment maybe? I guess the same can be said for acting although I may just gag openly the next time I hear some actor talk about "the craft" or refer to himself/herself as an artist. There's nothing that Paris Hilton has ever done on screen that could be refered to as art. Maybe I'm just a hater. lol!

Brad Carter said...

By the way, Night Calls The Green Falcon sounds awesome. I hope I remember to check that one out.

Eyepoke said...

I'm pretty sure I misspelleed the author's last name. I actually listened to it as an audio book and the reader was very good too.

Brad Carter said...

Hey John, I'm wondering if you cared or felt sad when Douglas Adams died. And if so, can you relate that to why people care so much about Michael Jackson dying?

I'm still with you on not caring about MJ. I don't see why he's the "king of pop" either. He had a few awesome songs in the 80's, but so did a lot of other people. Many other artists have had a LOT more hits than him and, in my opinion, made much better music than he did. What makes him so special, other than the nightly news demanding (24/7 it seems) that we be sad about him dying.

Eyepoke said...

Hmm. No, I wasn't all that ripped up when DNA died. Suprized. I dunno... I guess, yeah I liked his work alot, but I never met him or knew him... So yeah, sad on a certain level, but definately not to the point of holding a candlelight vigil or anything.

And here, really, is the BIG difference between DNA's passing and jackson's. DNA had actual fans, who had some sort of connection with him through his work. I don't know anyone who cares one way or another about MJ. He was just another annoying celebrity nobody.

I've never even heard of anyone who cares about MJ. So why all the idiot hype from the media, as if anyone did care? When was the last time he put out any music? When was the last time he was anything but kind of a sad laughing stock? (And a certifiable mental case. Probably the only thing that stood between him and the psychiatic treatment he needed was the fact that he was mindbogglingly rich.)So why, all the sudden, all the hype and non-stop coverage?

DNA on the other hand got very little coverage from the media, which is fine, because all the hype MJ gets is really, I think, disrepectful to the dead and the family. Let them make their peace in peace.

Eyepoke said...

That was a good question. I guess I'll have to write that up into an actual post.