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Saturday, May 9, 2009

"Sort of an unshakable belief in your own infallibility, that's what The Right Stuff is: that you're immortal, that you can do anything that is thrown at you"

-Harrison Schmidt, Apollo 17 astronaut

Started watching "In the Shadow of the Moon" tonight, it's good. It's a documentary that came out in 2007, featuring a bunch of the Apollo astronauts talking about going to the moon. They are all old men now. I got the quote above from it. For those of you who are ignorant, "The Right Stuff" was a phrase that was coined to describe the super-elite pilots who were selected to become astronauts. It was said they had "The Right Stuff". (incidentally the 80's movie by that name wasn't that great. Every time I have read an astronaut or anyone who would know talk about that movie they say it was mostly crap.)(I hear them mostly say very postive things about the movie Apollo 13)

Anyhow. I haven't finished watching it yet, but it's good so far. Reccomend it.


timpani76 said...

What a totally bizarre thing to post the day before mother's day?

Other than that, I'm glad you posted where "the right stuff" came from, since that phrase origin stuff fascinates me.

What's with men and being fascinated with space? Is it just because these men do have to the right stuff to go up in space?

Renae said...

I thought we were keeping "Randy" a secret. Since when do you experiment on him and then blab?!

Yeah, I am pushing the age for attractiveness up every year, aren't I. But come on, I am your sister! I know it doesn't take much, well not for me anyway. I quit brushing my teeth years ago so as not to overwhelm folks when I go out. The general public would not be able to handle it if I unleashed the full extent of my ravishingness on the world at large. The crimes of passion, the covetousness, the sheer madness that would ensue... You would need to perfect "Randy" and send him out to restrain people, so we could get some kind of peace. The sacrifices I make for humanity's sake!