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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Saw Wolverine (on opening night). Liked it, but it had a quite different flavor than the first two Xmen movies. (The third Xmen movie was an insult to humanity and of it I will not speak). It was alot more serious, alot less funny, than it's preddicessseors. But I liked it. More I will not say in case you haven't seen it.

Why don't Stevie Nicks and Nicky Sixx get married?


Brad Carter said...

Tell me ALL ABOUT your new computer!

Did you know they're already planning out the sequel for Wolverine 2? And Magneto in 2011!

timpani76 said...

I would like to see a "Professor X Origins" type movie. I liked the new Wolverine movie too ;)

lizS said...

brad, i tried to message you last night on your little bubble to tell you all about it, but you didn't answer, :(. i'll try again today. ;)

Renae said...

Hey new computer is cool! Your old one was a hideous insult to everything electronic everywhere.

Bruce and I tried to get a sitter to see that movie, but we were OUL. Oh well, another time.

Eyepoke said...

The computer isn't actually new, it's a 3 year old machine that Liz's sister wanted to get rid of. We didnt pay much for it... roughly a tenth of what I paid for our old, ponderous one when it was brand new with racing stripes 10 years or so ago. (I remeber driving it home, in a car that was worth just slightly less than the computer)

Liz's sis was keeping her old monitor, so we went to the jawas and paid 5 bucks for another monitor. It works- slight blurring towards the top of the screen, but no big deal. I may never buy a brand new computer again.

Anonymous said...

methinks wolverine was the best movie i have seen all year.

me(also)thinks that you getting a new(ish) computer is awesome cause i've seen that old one. it kinda sucked. lol.

~jesy newell

Eyepoke said...

Hey Jess!