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Sunday, May 31, 2009

For Trent

Only watch from 0:45-2:58 of this video:

(well you can watch the whole thing is you want to...)

This segment has Trent (my brother) written all over it, I think anyway. If you don't know Trent, just imagine a guy who would curl up laughing his head off over these 2 minutes of oddness.

It's hard to say if Carl is serious in this, or taking us all for a ride. The deadpan is very well done. Mr Andsersen.

(Liz says Sagan is a cross between Mr. Bean and Agent Smith, and I have to say, she has a point)


Eyepoke said...

On second thought, the whole 10 minutes is pretty stinking hilarious! Although mebbe you need to be sleep deprived first. That always helps.

timpani76 said...

Sleep deprived, on drugs, whatever....(I'm so getting your nerd card laminated for you!)

Renae said...

I'm just mad that the video cut off before I could see how much paper it took to write out the googol plex.

timpani76 said...

I know, all that paper was just riveting and ummmm hilarious! yeah yeah!

Eyepoke said...


go eat a bug, Timpami.

So Renae there is are multiple vids that finish the googolplex sequence out there. One of them should appear in the "what next?" reel that Utube makes appear after you run this one. You should watch enough to find out how much paper it takes because I wont tell you.

Anonymous said...

So making apple pie is the real meaning of the universe, if only that jerk Dent had figured that out.