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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Book review

I read this very original trilogy recently. Let me tell you about it.

In it there's this group of elite warriors with sort of supernatural ish powers, dedicated to the protection of humanity. They're kind of like knights. They have these special swords that only they can use. They light up and glow when they use them. I'll just call them sabers.

Now, before the story starts, there was once this guy who was like a really really tough knight. But he went bad for some reason and turned against the other knights. I don't want to give too much away, but his name starts with a V.

Now two of the main characters in this story, who meet in book one for the first time, are very suprized to find out that this bad knight is their father! And that makes these two characters ( lets call the boy... I dunno, Luke- that's not his real name, but I dont want to give too much away here. The girl we could call Jennifer. No? Leah? Ok fine.) but the point is since this bad knight who used to be good is their father that makes Luke and Leia brother and sister!!!! Only they didn't know it! Pretty freakin cool plot, yeah?!?!

I know, some of you are really mad at George Lucas for stealing this unique plot concept now, but what can I say? Lucas is a talentless scumbucket and a dried up old man too boot. No suprize there.

This series trys terribly hard to be up to date and hip, using all the latest trendy slang, which means that in 7 years it will be ridiculously dated. I really don't know how I choked my way through it all, but I did some how. I suppose that means something in the author's favor, cause gagging all the while I didn't quit reading it?

Oh. There's this other real gentle, not quite fatherly but almost, adult male character who is also a werewolf. But his name is not Remus Lupin, so it's a unique idea.

My favorite bit is how the 2 main characters, before they learned thier hidden identities as siblings, fell in love. And so theres this really poingant business through the whole series about how painful this is and how they can never be together because it would be just so wrong, and how even though they are in love it's just wrong because we are siblings, darn the luck! At the same time there is a gay romance flowering between two of the supporting characters and they never seem to be as conflicted as all that about it. And the author never catches the irony even once. Oh. One of the gay lovers is about 15 and the other is about 700, literally, but age is not an issue either.

The last of the three books had a praise quote from Stephanie Meyer on it, but then again she did write Breaking Dawn... Speaking of which, the main character is in this seris is also involved in a love triangle that includes a guy who is her true love and another guy who is her best friend, but it's not like SM's books because in this one the best friend is the vampire...

*It's The Mortal Instruments series: City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass, by Cassandra Clarke


Eyepoke said...

Oh yeah and the gay love thing is actually a gay triangle with the third guy being straight and a sibling of the gay dude who loves him unrequitedly. No mention of the sibling thing being any kind of barrier in that case by the author. So, if anybody out there has some insight into gayland, is gay incest not taboo there? but straight incest still is taboo? I dont get it.

lizS said...

the straight guy is NOT a sibling; they were just raised together since the straight guy was ten. but they have no actual blood relationship.

Anonymous said...

Adopted sibling, but what difference does that make to gay people anyway?