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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hi Daniel!

Thanks for stopping by!

He's my cousin. I have aproximately 80-100 first cousins. (Mom has 8 siblings, Dad has 7). For a very short time, I went to school near my mom's side of the clan, and got to do Thanksgiving with them. My mom's family mainly lives in Utah, so this was something I had never done before. There are so many of them that they did not meet at anyone's home, they just borrowed a church gym for the day. 8 or 10 tables. It was fun, although many people there did not know who I was. I had a longish conversation with Daniel's brother Ryan with him under the impression that I was there as the date of yet another cousin. We had a laugh over that after.

The other cool thing about that Thanksgiving was that since we held it in a gym, we played some Lightning (they called it Knock Out) afterwards. Among my Sever cousins, if I play basketball with them, I am one of the slow, clumsy cousins. (How many of Marsha and Reid's kids didn't play college ball?) But I found that in Utah... I was gooood. Narf!

When Trent(my brother) was 11, I was asked to teach the sunday school class he was in. My first day as teacher, I introduced myself, and got each of the kid's names out of them. I could place all of them in my mind as far as who thier parents were readily enough, except one mystery kid, who said his name was Josh. Trying to dig more info out of him I asked him his last name (clever of me). The last name didn't help. I asked a few more probing questions, when Josh, in annoyance shouted at me that he was Robert's son. Robert? I ask stupidly. YOUR UNCLE?! Josh shouts. He was my cousin.

Anyhow, Daniel, we like the Utah cousins. Stay in touch!


timpani76 said...

I thought you were talking to Mary's son at first. Did you know I have trouble saying Daniel because I always try to say Danielle instead? Did my sister having that name ruin my tongue or what ;)

Renae said...

That's really funny about Josh!

Renae said...

There was the time that I ran into our cousin Jacob at the grocery store. He went home and told his mom that seen "Bruce's wife" at the store. WTFreak! Even among my own family I'm "Bruce's wife?!"

I think it's really funny that whenever Uncle Mark's kids do something particularly weird, he tells them that they're acting like "John's kids." (That's us for anyone who doesn't know.)

So, the Gibby's are clumsy? I guess I had to get it from somewhere. No, I wouldn't call myself "clumsy" just not overly sporty.

timpani76 said...

I wouldn't describe John as clumsy so much as "violent" or "watch your head so he doesn't club you in the face when he tries to hug you!".

I don't think you are clumsy at all Renae ;)

timpani76 said...

Are you dead again?

Eyepoke said...

No... just alternatively obsessed.

Daniel Gibby said...

I am a Daniel, yes I am;
A Gibby too, I'm in that clan.
I write poetry that doesn't always rhyme,
but when it does you'll think I'm mighty fine.

... unless you think I'm just daring to be stupid.

Daniel Gibby said...

I spent years since then learning to dunk the basketball and now I still can't... practicing about once a year on average. My little sister, her husband, my wife and my son beat me at horse on Good Friday. It does matter who you follow though, plus I was wearing a long sleeve shirt and I didn't want to get all exercisey and sweaty before we even sat down to eat.

Dana Cheryl said...

Not once but twice I've come to find out that my friends are cousins. Both of my grand mothers has 12 kids each. There's a reason I can't date in Kentucky! :)

Sammi said...

You are funny, I can't stop laughing. I also can't decide if I am laughing at you or Josh. (YOUR COUSIN) LOL! Next time you attend a family reunion may I suggest a notebook. HAHAHAHA!

Eyepoke said...

I can keep up with the ones my age that live locally... It's the younger crop that I have trouble with. And the ones that live far away. As for kids of cousins.... hopeless.