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Monday, March 9, 2009

Check it out. The UN is a bunch of losers.


timpani76 said...

Yeah, Erik's been telling me that for years. Is slate magazine mostly liberal, or what kind of stuff do they publish?

Mary said...

Slate is mostly Liberal, but that doesn't mean that they never get it right. Sometimes they have good articles.

And now to what I was going to say before reading what T wrote:


Why are we letting those people meet in our country, funding the vast majority of their operations, and letting them make crucial decisions for us? It drives me crazy. When are we going to tell them to find somewhere new to meet, withdraw our funding, and tell them to keep their noses out of American business?

Mary said...

We have never been a country that lets other countries boss us around! That's what our separation from England was about! That's why we don't negotiate with terrorists! We are a good and noble country, and we should not take this crap from people that don't matter! The whole UN could be against us, and we'd STILL kick their yellow butts because we rock, and they're too namby-pamby be any real threat to us! Bring it UN, we'll make you run crying home to your mommies!