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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


A while back in the JSFC supplemental edition (the first one ever!) I mentioned that I was spending alot of time "debating" religion on an online forum, and T-dog asked me what the attraction was, and I tried to answer her one night, but I was sufficiently sleep deprived to not be able to write/think coherently, and gave up after wasting at least half an hour trying. Here's another try.

I'm still passing a substantial portion of my online time there. This forum is mainly contributed to by self described atheists, although most of them are more what I would have described as agnostics. By atheists they basically mean they are fed up with religion in general. There is the occasional theist/Christian popping in, but they tend to be of the insane variety, sadly.

Here's the attraction for me, I think:

During my missionary days in Vegas, I came to realize that if you talk and listen to pretty much anybody long enough to find out what their really core beliefs are, you will discover that their core beliefs are things that you agree with. The more peripheral beliefs- the ones that are built/ extrapolated from their core beliefs-can be fairly koo-koo... but when you get down to it, people don't hold the koo-koo ideas nearly as dearly as they hold their core ones. Here's why: people's core beliefs are almost always true. Truth has an attractive quality that draws people to it and holds them there. Kookiness does not.

Fact is, I tend to agree with the atheists on this site alot. I tend to be fed up with modern religion and religious people alot. I are a religious person myself, but I got here not by rejecting all the thinking and question-asking I did as an agnostic, but by building on that thinking and actually finding answers to most of my questions. I find that there is an irritatingly large contingent of religious people who have more superstition than faith. Miss Watsons, instead of Widow Douglases. (Huck Finn reference. see Two Providences) I tend to like these people anyway- ever body is stupid in someway or another- But I can definitely see where these atheists are coming from.

I guess I feel like my perspective in this forum is a valuable one. I'm not trying to do any hardcore preaching- just some alongside thinking- the occasional sanity check... And its going well. Anyhow. That's my rambling first draft explanation. Done.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Friday, March 13, 2009

Scroll Down, Yidiot!

I'm addicted to finding music on the net, clearly. I rarely listen to music anywhere but on the computer when I am at home anymore. I love the instant gratification. When I was a kid, if you heard a bit of a song you liked and wanted to hear it again you had to park in front of the radio and just wait and hope for hours. It made it exciting when the song finally happened to come on the air, but I much prefer just being able to go online and be listening to the tune in seconds. The internet is going to be the death of radio. Which is good. I think it has got to be good for musicians too. It is surely more easy to get your music discovered with the net than it used to be. And if we impoverish Britnet Spears in the process, that's great too.

Scroll down and check out the new collections of music I have posted. In addition to the basic rock and roll list that you all can't get enough of, I have also added a seperate playlist of instrumental movie soundtracks, and another of more mellow country-ish semi-churchish songs that I like to play on a Sunday night, when I am feeling all mellow and vaguely churchy.

Mary the Cranky is just yesterday's news, clearly! She's not just history, she's paleontology!

Hey, do you all remeber in the 80's when radio still existed, there was a toy you could buy that was essentially just a microphone that would let you broad cast on a very limited range (like maybe from your bedroom to your living room) on normal radio station wavelengths? The idea was you could "be on the radio". What I want is something like that for my computer- I want to plug that toy into my computer speakers, turn on music on my pc, and then tune my boombox into that music while I am in the shower or in the yard or the basement or garage etc. Anybody heard of such a thing?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dumbbung! I'm going to beat you like a rented mule!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Monday, March 9, 2009

Check it out. The UN is a bunch of losers.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hi Cassi!!!! It's been awhile!!! CoJ right? More later- sleepy now! must catch up though! Glad you tracked me down. More later!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Not recieving your JSFC supplimental edition?!!!! It can only mean two things:

1) You aren't cool!


2) I don't have your email address!

Lemme know which you are!

Friday, March 6, 2009

White to mate in 2

cmon try!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

What I have been up to lately?

Oh various. A number of roadtrips to fix stuff at my other house, and a better road trip with the Moose to visit an old old friend, Chris J LaBoube. I've know CJL almost as long as I have known Brad.

That was fun. Moose and I had 16 hours or so in a truck together so we talked over everything. Where to move to when the system finally gets around to crashing, Barak Obama's lack of manhood, marriage, religon, science, ugly women, hot women, work, and why are there so many naked girl bars between here and Kansas? (I assume those were all bars for watching naked girls in, not bars where naked girls go to socialize?)

So that was all to the good. The Moose and I go back.

We got to Kansas, and found my old kindergarten buddy has somehow become a Lutheran pastor of all things, in timbuknowhere Kansas. So criusing around town trying to humiliate the new pastor was a fun game. (with in reasonable bounds, naturally)

Chris is seriously isolated. 1/2 miles to the next human being, he's a single man living by himself in a huge house with his own private church, rec building and cemetary! The conflicts that must raise for him! Total isolation. Tons of space. A cemetary for the love! And you are the new pastor in town. On his first pastoring gig too. I'm saying... the instinct for me is to throw a huge crazy party, build a giant fire, run aroud screaming all the time for no reason. Run around the cemetary in your underwear. Ring the church bell alot. Sleep in the chapel. Because nobody will care. Furthermore as pastor you must be to some degree your own boss. If you stay up till 4 am, sleep in, big deal. And I know Chris fairly well. All this has crossed his mind, for sure.

But you are the pastor. It's gotta be rough, I am sure.

We had fun with CJL. We went to his church in the morning. The people all assumed that Moose and I must be pastors also. They all really seem to like Chris, which means he must be doing something right.

I have been wasting some internet time on a religious debate site lately. These people tend to be pretty hyper. It's hard to say who is more high strung, the atheists or the Christians. But I like talking and thinking on the deep schtuff, and I enjoy asking myself the hard questions.

Fish. It's bedtime. bye!