Daily GUIDE-ance:

Friday, January 23, 2009

"All men are created equal"

...true. But quite a few things have happened since you and I were created.

really, no new stuff, no new great thoughts to clue you all in on. Just... even so- with nothing special going on... Life is goood!

No seriously. It's sweet. The basics. Food. Sleep. Work. Work out. Read. Music. A few good friends. What else do you need?

Maybe its the toasty 40 degree weather that's gotten into me, or the endorphins from running and lifting (been able to be more consistent lately) or the basic internal smoothness that seems to come from putting in some regular study time (I've been able to do that more now constistently lately too)...

But life is good.

Dumb fat and lazy. No make that brilliant, muscular and lazy.


timpani76 said...

I was just starting to enjoy winter again, when I got hit with this double infection. Curse sickness in all its forms!

You will just have to enjoy the winter for me John. You and all your optimism!

Dana Cheryl said...

That was a beautiful ode to Spring. I'll make freakin' snow angels in honor of it tomorrow as I bundle up and pray that I don't get frostbite while walking from my apartment to the car. I really know now why no one bugged the mormons when they trekked out here. lol!