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Sunday, December 21, 2008


Hi all…
Liz and I were coming home from church today when I decided to do what I had been thinking about doing for a while now-- ie taking the Fanclub private. When Liz had that close encounter with a break in, I started thinking about how to tighten up security… and I had to admit that even though we always hear about how you shouldn’t put personal info out on the net, if I was an evil me, I would easy be able to locate myself based on the info on the JSFC. Furthermore, I had at least one freakshow reader, plus who knows how many lurkers?

Most of you don’t know much about the KN character, but I have been actively denying him his voice for regularly ever since he made his first appearance. I have deleted a comment of his every couple days. I decided my policy was be civil consistently, or begone. Nothing he wrote amounted to much except idioicy and or insults, mixed with the occasional civil comment. I was often tempted to publicly mock him, because he made such a juicy target, but I figured that would only encourage him. I even considered doing the love your enemies thing, ie be nice to him, but I decided that was retarded. I even considered and was really tempted to build up this great big huge thing where I would promise on a certain date to allow him one big comment that I would not delete swear to Thor hope to die regardless of what it said… and then do a count down to KN day and everything, hoping that he would put tons of work into writing one huge comment. Then I’d delete it anyway and laugh my head off. But for whatever reason I didn’t do that. I also thought about starting a wall of shame and just posting all his insane comments there to laugh at when ever… but I didn’t do that either. It would have been funny, but on the way home from church I just decided, heck with it. Safety first. If I was single without kids maybe it’d be different, but I ain’t. I had earlier that day deleted yet another stupid comment of his about how the Foolish Advice wasn’t funny- So I got home and headed to the machine to take the JCSFC private- and lo- another, very long comment from KN. This was of a different tenor, and I will try to sum up best I can.

“Wow. You deleted another of my comments, without responding?! You obviously have way more resolve than I do, I give up. I won’t bother you anymore.”

Then he went on to say that his life sucked, he was a loser, he had almost no friends, he was a janitor at Walmart with no education, the friends he did have were backstabbers, he was thinking of going to college but probably couldn’t get in cause he was such a screw up, and today, on top of everything else, something especially horrid had happened to him and he was now just a broken man. (oh. I shed tears!)

Then he went on to explain that back in his prime he was a “bigtime troll” on the internet, and now he wasn’t, and was trying to use my blog to work up his insulting skills back into their prime, but obviously I had totally crushed him.

Then he apologized for making fun of my religion.

I deleted that comment too, and while I was doing it, I am pretty sure he posted another comment about “What? No response to that either?”, so I deleted that too.

Then I took the fan club private.

“Gosh John, you could have said, KN I forgive you and you should read the Book of Mormon, it will change you into not a loser! And it would have been a Christmas miracle!”

Thing is, “ah knows him by de back” as Jim from Huck Finn might say. He’s not looking for a hand to help him up, he’s looking for a hand to bite. Safety first.

I won’t stay un public forever. The world needs me. But I am going to rethink a few things first. I am thinking maybe an anonymous public blog right now, with a private one on the side for personal things, only accessible by the chosen few- the inner circle- you guys. “Powerwielder.com” maybe…

Anyhow sorry for the annoyance.

Merry Christmas!!!!


Brad Carter said...

I blame me for your troubles and I'm really sorry I brought him to you. He tries to be annoying on my blog too, but I rarely approve anything he says. He can't have as much fun with me because I moderate everything that's posted. I'm not going to approve any more of his posts on my side of the net, just out of spite.

I'll be sure not to post any more links to your blog on my websites like I've been doing all year. Hopefully he won't start in on any of you others.

I read his giant apology post today (I think I get to read all his retardedness since I have your comments emailed to me) and I'm pretty sure he was just setting you up for more trolling. I should track down his info and harass him for you or something.

Eyepoke said...

Seriously no need to blame Brad Carter at all!! (really, the next time you apologize I am going to ... actually I cant think of anything... oh well. Just let it go Bro! Its all good! Was never your fault anyway!)

I didn't mind at all the tripling of hits this site got everytime you mentioned me on your side, that was a total blast. And I wouldn't mind having a retard around regularly, except that I have not been all that careful with things like my last name, my middle name, my kids names, the name of the town I'm living in... makes me nervous. Like I said I am probably going to reincarnate myself in some more circumspect form after I ruminate for a while on excatly what I am and am not comfy with.

Brad, you are the biggest hacker I know, by far- do you have any advice on security?

I know I am basically evil deep down, but oddly enough there really, honest to gracious, is (and this is going to sound like such a lie, but it's not) there is a part of me that just feels sorry for the guy. I mean how pitiful a social life must he have? I just can't imagine a life where the best way i can find to put in the time is to make lame comments on the blog of a guy who is the friend of a guy who I don't know? How do you get that... pitiful? I'm fundamentally happy, deep down mostly these days. I like me, I like life. He must just hate himself deep inside...

Like I care. (ah- back to the evil me! much simpler!)

Brad Carter said...

Again, I'm SO sorry for all the troubles I've caused! Okay, sorry for apologizing. And I'm sorry for the apology about the apology. And so on.

I've been dealing with people like this ever since I got online back in 1990. People turn into huge flaming jerks when they're completely anonymous and I've been a huge flaming jerk myself a few times. Occasionally I track down people like this and expose their personal information and that almost always shuts them up. They get scared when they're suddenly not so anonymous. I get the feeling that guy would enjoy being exposed though. I like to think he's just a bored high school kid, but that's probably not true.

Blog security? I dunno really, other than trying not to mention cities, family member names, work places and stuff like that. I'm pretty open with my real name, city and kids names, but I would never mention my brother's name or parents name. I'd hate to have people bothering them like they are you.

I've also been keeping my phone number unlisted ever since I moved to Oregon. For my 8 years in Illinois, I had a listed phone number and address and I got annoying phone calls all the time. Turning off the phone's ringer before bed was a nightly thing. And sometimes people would send taxis and pizzas to my house. But that's just me because of the weird website I run. I doubt anyone would go that far with you.

I actually kind of enjoyed the weird attention when I lived in Illinois and I would sometimes chat with the people that called me. But it's been nice since I've moved here, not having to deal with all that for a few years.

Back to security - I don't think it's such a bad thing to mention your real name or wife or kids names or cats names. That's pretty common these days, with all the social networking sites like Myspace and Facebook and the billions of others. You don't need to HIDE from people. Being out there for people to find is a good thing.

It sure would have sucked if I were into being anonymous and you never would have found me. I love being able to put old friend's names into websites and finding out what they're up to these days. I think it's kind of important to keep your real identity public for those reasons. I would have eventually searched for your name and found you on the internet too.

Really, without me around to draw the attention of random weirdos to you, you're pretty safe on the net. Having people harass you via the net isn't that common of a thing. Maybe you should just hide from me to keep your life peaceful. The odds of someone on the internet crossing over into your real life is incredibly slim. The odds of them actually visiting your home even slimmer. But phone calls to your home or work is about the only thing I would worry about.

Brad Carter said...

By the way, can't you set up blogger.com to only allow trusted friends to comment? I know Live Journal has that option - anyone else who tries to comment has to be approved. I don't know how blogger.com works though.

timpani76 said...

Greetings to the Foxholed John! I think it is a bit silly to go underground for one person. I thought deleting his comments was hilarious, but I'm evil!

Some reassuring facts about kidnappings:

"The high-profile cases push awareness and fear into our collective psyche, " said Carol Robins, a spokeswoman for Child Find of America, a national nonprofit that searches for missing children. "But most child abductions are at the hands of parents, not strangers."

"Even though the numbers of stranger, non-family abductions are not rising, the fear around it is," Robins said.

Even though baby kidnappings get a lot of attention, fewer than 10 babies are kidnapped a year (out of 4.3 million). From msnbc.com

"It's important to note that this particular outcome is very, very rare. Out of nearly seventy million American children, fewer than a hundred a year are kidnapped by strangers. A child is vastly more likely to have a heart attack, and child heart attacks are so rare that most parents (correctly) never even consider the risk. A child is 250 times more likely to be shot with a gun than be kidnapped by a stranger."
from: http://life.familyeducation.com/

I just think life is too short to worry, but our society seems to thrive on scaring the crap out of parents and kids! It's too much, let it go John.

Anonymous said...

Hi John, this is KN. I am commiting suicide. It's all your fault. You have destroyed the last f-ing speck of any belief I might have had in the humanity of my fellow beings. I'm leaving my suicide note on the back of your picture. No one but the police will ever see - no one cares enough about me to check on me. I skip out of work so often, that they probably won't even think anything when I don't show up. I'll be half rotted before anyone ever finds me. Suits me fine. Oh gun, you feel so good and cool in my hand. Here goes. Good bye John Sever. Enjoy being the one that finally snuffed out my dim dim sun. I'm sure you'll be happier now. Go and screw yourself!

Eyepoke said...

Promises, Promises.

Bruce said...

and dont forget temp, statistics show that fat people are harder to kidnap, so i guess im prety safe.

Brad Carter said...

So...who REALLY posted KN's suicide note since KN doesn't have access here. Come on, fess up. It wasn't me, I swear.

Renae said...

It was me.

Renae said...

He he he!

Renae said...

Ha ha ha!

Renae said...

Ho ho ho!

Renae said...

Merry Christmas!

Renae said...

Flatulence and Swiss Miss

Renae said...

I was thinking today. Wouldn't it be really funny to make a beautiful candle to give to someone as a present, and secretly make it a fart scented candle. They could burn it in their kitchen, and wonder why it smells so bad. I guess the draw back is that everyone sniffs their candles before they light them. You'd have to find some way to make it smell good before it's lit, but bad when on fire.

Brad Carter said...

Renae, you jerk! Me and John were going over all kinds of theories about how KN was able to post in the thread without having access.

About the candle, instead of that just hide a chunk of meat somewhere in their house where they'll never find it so it starts going bad and smells up the whole house. Then SELL them beautiful candles you make to help take care of the smell.

Merry Christmas!

timpani76 said...

Renae, that was really you? If so, I was really fooled, what with the sarcasm, virulent language, and generally whiny tone of the note.

Eyepoke said...


It really does sound like him! Are you sure it was you Renae? Because I am having a hard time beliveing you... I will pummel you later today. Fudge head. I did wonder why he quit cussing though.

Eyepoke said...

I was very very mildly considering calling the cops and saying I had a suicide note in my possession. Not that I thought KN actually had the guts to shoot himself... Unless he shot himself in the back maybe...

Did you all hear about the Darwin Award where the guy shot himself in the back while he was scratching his back with a loaded gun? An idiot and a coward.

Renae said...

Wow! I really didn't think anyone would take that seriously! I figured it was going to be obvious that it was a joke. Ha ha ha!!!