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Saturday, November 29, 2008

The other day I coined a phrase, and thought I was terribly funny: The new name for our country when noodle head boy takes over: Obama-nation. And everything he did would be Obaminable. I really thought I was incredibly funny. And I was! So how disappointed I was to see a book last night at Borders using the phrase: "Obamanation" as part of it's title. I hate it when people have my great ideas before me.

I also saw a Jesus Christ action figure... wrong on so many levels!
But if that's where we are going, where is the Pope action figure, and the Mohammed action figure and the Confucious Action figure and the Buddha Action figure? Or the Allah action figure? or the Garishnika action figure? (I just made up that name... it's supposed to be a Hindu diety... Shiva?) Quezatcoatal? Santa Claus action figure? (I'm thinking of the Catholic saint now, not the jolly guy)... Speaking of which, I have always thought that one of the best things about being Catholic would be being able to pray to Santa Claus.

The worst would be the celibate clergy! No offense if you happen to be Catholic, but can you think of a better formula for inducing complete Bugs Bunny suit insanity in your priests?


Hoba Chi said...

Why no Allah or Mohammed action figures? Think about what happened w/ the cartoon.

No one is scared that Christians will doing anything worse than some stern letters.

timpani76 said...

The Catholic Santa Claus? You mean the saint? I can't say I've ever seen this saint. Did you know my mom and my mother in law were both Catholics before they changed to LDS?

I think my goal is to be more supportive of our current president than the liberals ever were of Bush. I'm going to lead by example ;)

Eyepoke said...

Nope didn't know that.

Right Santa=Saint... St. Nicholas... he's a Catholic saint.

Renae said...

I liked the dramatized version of the Bible starring the Hannah Montana and High School Musical casts. ICK!